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# Name Colour Rarity Cost Type P T Code Card text Comments Recent comment
1 Annatar, Lord of Gifts White Mythic 4{b}{b}{b}{b} Legendary Creature – Spirit 4 4 MW01 If you would draw a card, instead search your library for a card, reveal it, and put it into your hand. You lose life equal to that card's converted mana cost.
When Annatar dies, return it to its owner's hand and you lose 4 life.
2 Awake Anew White Uncommon 3{2}{w} Sorcery UW07 Exile all nonland permanents you control, then return them to the battlefield under your control. 0
3 Bare and Bleak White Common 1{w} Enchantment – Aura CW12 Enchant permanent
Activated abilities of enchanted permanent can't be activated unless they're mana abilities.
4 Golden Warking White Rare 6{4}{w}{w} Creature – Human Soldier 4 4 RW02 Distinguished (This creature is legendary if no other permanent has the same name.)
As long as Golden Warking is legendary, creature tokens you control get +1/+1.
When Golden Warking enters the battlefield, create a 1/1 white Soldier creature token for each legendary permanent you control.
5 Hollow Requiem White Rare 1{w} Enchantment RW06 You may have Hollow Requiem enter the battlefield as a copy of any permanent card in a graveyard except it's a white enchantment with no abilities. (It shares a name with that card.) 0
6 Morning Gate White Rare 4{2}{w}{w} Enchantment Creature – Wall 0 8 RW01 {t}: Exile a permanent you control until end of turn, then [chant]. 1 1499024704 on 02 Jul 2017 by Tahazzar
7 Prince of Golden Flower White Uncommon 4{2}{w}{w} Creature – Elf Knight 2 2 UW01 Distinguished (This creature is legendary if no other permanent has the same name.)
As long as Prince of Golden Flower is legendary, white creatures you control get +1/+1 and are all colors.
8 Righteousness White Uncommon 1{w} Instant UW06 Target blocking creature gets +7/+7 until end of turn. 1 1499247665 on 05 Jul 2017 by Tahazzar
9 War of Wrath White Rare 6{4}{w}{w} Sorcery RW05 Destroy all nonlegendary creatures. 0
10 Engulf the Shore Blue Rare 4{3}{u} Instant RU05 Return to their owners' hands all creatures with toughness less than or equal to the number of Islands you control. 1 1499250932 on 05 Jul 2017 by Tahazzar
11 Eärendil, Star of High Hope Blue Mythic 1{u} Legendary Creature – Elf Human 1 1 MU01 At the beginning of your upkeep, put a hope counter on Eärendil.
{u}, Put Eärendil on the bottom of its owner's library: Shuffle your hand and your graveyard into your library, then draw cards equal to number of hope counters on Earendil.
12 Far Sight Blue Common 1{u} Sorcery CU06 Scry 5. (Look at the top five cards of your library, then put any number of them on the bottom of your library and the rest on top in any order.) 0
13 Long-Term Plans Blue Uncommon 3{2}{u} Instant UU05 Search your library for a card, then put that card third from the top of your library after shuffling it. (Whenever a library is searched, its owner shuffles it afterwards.) 1 1499248179 on 05 Jul 2017 by Tahazzar
14 Númenórian Loremaster Blue Common 1{u} Creature – Human Advisor 1 1 CU01 Whenever a legendary creature enters the battlefield under your control, you may draw a card, then discard a card. 0
15 Seeker's Voyage Blue Uncommon 2{u}{u} Enchantment – Aura UU08 Enchant creature
Whenever enchanted creature deals combat damage to an opponent, draw a card.
{1}, Sacrifice Seeker's Voyage: Return enchanted creature to its owner's hand.
16 Song of Shifting Shape Blue Uncommon 1{u} Instant UU06 Choose a creature type and color. Any number of target creatures become the type and color of your choice until end of turn. 0
17 Through the Looking-Glass Blue Rare 3{2}{u} Instant RU06 Put target creature card from an opponent's graveyard onto the battlefield under your control. When it becomes the target of a spell or ability, sacrifice it. 0
18 Black Númenórean Black Common 3{2}{b} Creature – Human Cleric Minion 2 3 CB01 {b}, Sacrifice a creature: Each opponent loses 2 life and you gain that much life. 0
19 Death by Despair Black Common 1{b} Instant CB08 Target creature's controller sacrifices it if a creature they controlled died this turn. 0
20 Glaurung, First of Urulóki Black Mythic 5{3}{b}{b} Legendary Creature – Dragon Wurm 3 5 MB01 When Glaurung, First of Urulóki enters the battlefield, exile all cards from target player's hand until Glaurung leaves the battlefield.
{r}: Glaurung gets +1/+0 until end of turn.
21 Gurthang, Iron of Death Black Rare 2{b}{b} Legendary Artifact – Equipment RB06 Equipped creature gets +3/+2.
Whenever a creature dealt damage by equipped creature this turn dies, unattach Gurthang.
Equip—Pay 2 life.
22 Hypnotic Gaze Black Common 3{1}{b}{b} Sorcery CB07 Target player exiles two cards from his or her hand. 0
23 Sadistic Ordeal Black Uncommon 2{b}{b} Enchantment UB10 As Sadistic Ordeal enters the battlefield, exile target creature until Sadistic Ordeal leaves the battlefield.
When Sadistic Ordeal enters or leaves the battlefield, the exiled creature's owner loses 2 life.
24 Twilight Heretic Black Uncommon 3{1}{b}{b} Creature – Human Knight Minion 3 2 UB01 {b}, Exile a card from your graveyard: Twilight Heretic gains lifelink and first strike until end of turn. 0
25 Bathe in Dragonfire Red Common 3{2}{r} Sorcery CR06 Bathe in Dragonfire deals 4 damage to target creature. 1 1499245539 on 05 Jul 2017 by Tahazzar
26 Hard-hearted Bandit Red Common 4{3}{r} Creature – Human Rogue Archer 3 2 CR01 Distinguished (This creature is legendary if no other permanent has the same name.)
As long as Hard-hearted Bandit is legendary, it has first strike.
27 Petty-dwarf Red Uncommon 1{r} Creature – Dwarf Coward 2 1 UR01 Distinguished (This creature is legendary if no other permanent has the same name.)
As long as Petty-dwarf is legendary, it gets +0/+2 and has "Whenever this is dealt damage by a source, that source's controller gains control of this."
28 Sindarin Strongbow Green Uncommon 2{g}{g} Creature – Elf Archer Scout 2 2 UG01 Distinguished (This creature is legendary if no other permanent has the same name.)
Sindarin Strongbow gets +0/+1 for each legendary creature you control.
29 Gothmog, Lord of Balrogs Multicolour Mythic 4{b}{b}{r}{r} Legendary Creature – Demon 6 6 MR01 {x}: Gothmog, Lord of Balrogs controller chooses a creature they control, then another target creature or player. Gothmog deals X damage to each creature and/or player chosen this way. Any player may activate this ability. 0
30 Turin Turambar Hybrid Mythic 2{w/r}{w/r} Legendary Creature – Human Warrior 2 2 MW02 If a source would deal damage to Turin Turambar, you may have that damage be dealt to another target creature you control instead. If that creature dies this turn, put a +1/+1 counter on Turin Turambar.
At the beginning of the end step, if Turin Turambar's power is 5 or greater, sacrifice it.
31 Hill of the Slain Land Rare 0 Land RC01 {t}: Hill of the Slain produces {g}. If a creature died this turn, it produces {b} instead. 0
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