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Chains of Xel by Sidisi

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A prison world for the worst offenders in the multiverse has been transformed into an Arena where planeswalkers are being pitted against beasts for the amusement of a shadowy overseer

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When Arena Blueprints enters the battlefield, target creature can't be blocked this turn.
Whenever a creature you control in an Arena attacks, draw a card.
"Weapon stockpiles, secret passages – Oh and don't stand on any tiles marked with skulls if you can help it"
When Insidious Smog enters the battlefield, creatures your opponents control get -1/-1

Creatures you control in Arenas have Deathtouch
Versus {3} (You may cast this spell for {3} less. If you do, target opponent copies the other half of this spell and may cast it without paying its mana cost)
Target player discards two cards at random.
A shadow touched the Arbiter's forehead, and the crowds saw true fear in his eyes.
Arbiter Vans
Tap your opponents creatures. They don't untap during their next upkeep.
A blinding flash of light, and the Death Mage's zombies stopped in their tracks
Versus {2} (You may cast either half of this card for {2} less. If you do, an opponent may copy the other half and cast it without paying it's mana cost)

Destroy target nonland permanent and all permanents with the same name
Gain control of target creature until your next end step. While you control it, it is a 3/4 Spider with Reach
last 2016-02-28 02:30:57 by Sidisi
Versus {3} (You may cast either half of this card for {3} less. If you do, an opponent may copy the other half and cast it without paying it's mana cost)

Scry 3, then draw a card.
"Ignoramus. If we pooled our knowledge, we might..."
Destroy target artifact, creature or Planeswalker
"Don't call me ignoramus, poindexter!"
last 2016-02-28 02:30:00 by Adak

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On Chains of Xel:

arena seems insular, but it feels really cool. keen to see where this set goes

On Garruk // Harida:

Thanks, Harida is a shape-shifter character. I really like Red's instant speed mind control effects. I am thinking of getting rid of Versus as a mechanic and just making flavourful modal cards to depict the pit fights but I'll keep this effect in there somewhere

On Tamiyo // Tibalt:

Personally I'd just make Tibalt a damage and discard effect. He's associated with discard anyway, and it would have interesting interactions with the half of the card that draws while letting you strengthen the Tamiyo side.

On Tamiyo // Tibalt:

Versus cards are weird to design because of the variety of permutations to account for. You kind of have to think of this card as the Tibalt side, which can be a more versatile Hero's Downfall for 2CMC with the cost of letting your opponent cast the Tamiyo side. I don't think anyone would play this card to turn 2 cast Tamiyo for the scry and draw, but honestly then who would cast that side at all. These cards shouldn't be half useful so I don't love this design. Oh well, Versus is in the very rough stages I'm just playing around with it

On Narset // Ral:

Thanks, I added that. I also referred to the card as Narset Vs Ral which is ideally how these cards would be referred to with proper formatting. Dunno if that would work though

On Falsir, Soul Knight:

@Alex Thanks for your help! Didn't realize I'd done that with the symbols. Also don't know what I was thinking with such a powerful +1 on a four cost PW. I gave it a blink effect (it's a spirit planeswalker and that feels right) which is still powerful but now it doesn't protect itself nearly as well. I also fixed the ultimate. It sticks around now and protects itself and closes out a game nicely. That said the cost is so high that it's not really likely to happen. Like most Ultimates, this is a flavour text This card is really all about the second ability which I quite like.

On Tamiyo // Tibalt:

"Versus" says "may", so you never force the opponent to do anything. And if the heavy-blue deck is tapping out on its turn 2 without any artifacts or creatures for Tibalt to target, then that's a great chance for the opponent to cast a spell while the blue mana is tapped, right?

On Tamiyo // Tibalt:

Dunno; it's a pretty limited and funny use to be a sorcery-only deck and use this to make an opponent blow something of their own up.

On Tamiyo // Tibalt:

Versus should only be usable if both sides have sufficient legal targets, I think. Makes it a real drawback on stuff like this.

On Tamiyo // Tibalt:

The problem with 'draw 2' is that the Tamiyo side becomes OP if you activate versus and have nothing for Tibalt to target. Pretty easy on round two.

It does read bad, though.

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