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CardName: Gyromancer Cost: 1G Type: Creature - Elf Artificer Pow/Tgh: 1/1 Rules Text: {T}: Add [Torque] to your power pool. [Torque]: Target creature gets +1/+1 until end of turn. Flavour Text: Set/Rarity: Clockwork Wings Common

Creature – Elf Artificer
{t}: Add [Torque] to your power pool.
[Torque]: Target creature gets +1/+1 until end of turn.
Updated on 18 Feb 2016 by Alex

Code: CG03

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2010-12-26 15:26:28: Alex edited Gyromancer
2011-01-24 00:41:12: Alex edited Gyromancer

Torque does a bit much untapping things. This could easily have some other ability for Torque instead.

could always go with the two sided nature of torque...

make this purely a power generator but make it {q}: Add [Torque] to your power pool.

Mmm, I did wonder about combining this with Anrion Prodigy. I'm not using {q} in this set for the same reason I'm not using hybrid or fortifications: they add extra complexity to the set as a whole, and draw focus from where I want the focus to be.

This is part of a cycle with (((Minister of Illumination))), Smythehold Levitator, Acolyte of Alchemy and Galvanic Mindfuser, so I want it to definitely keep the structure of "{t}: Add [Torque] // [Torque]: Do something". At the moment I feel that having it conclude "[Torque]: Add {g}" would overlap too much with the Relics like Flywheel Relic. But I'll certainly bear it in mind.

You don't have that much untap so this may well be fine, it's especially flavourful for torque. Other possibilities would be recurring a card from graveyard to hand or library, or milling.

(Although I like the steam-mill artifact, so don't really want you to switch that to toque even if it would make sense.)

I can see P/T switching as being a Torque ability.

Jack: Currently you can spend [Torque] on this to untap creatures, Irrigation Spraywheel to untap land, and Heat-Compression Centrifuge to untap artifacts (which may also be creatures or land). And then there's another artifact or two which can untap stuff unrelated to Torque. I think that's too much. I certainly agree that Torque is better flavour for untap than any of the other powers, but I think two would be enough.

I think the only mill artifacts at the moment are Iron-Studded Grindstone which is already [Torque]-powered, and Psychofocus Disruptor.

Since I've listed most of the current Torque uses, the rest are Pedal-Crank Wings which is about as good flavour for a combat equipment as [Torque] is going to get, Clockwork Crankgun which is currently inactive but I'm considering finding a slot for, and Flywheel Relic which is just like all the other relics.

Camruth: Nice thought! I'll see if I can do something with that.

Oops, sorry, ok, I agree that is a lot. Also, I agree Pedal-Crank Wings and Crankgun are pretty good flavour.

I also thought of P/T switch, but that's sadly a Red/Blue mechanic, and the only "Blue" Torque Untapper (I think) is Heat-Compression Centrifuge, which rather wants to remain untap for the connector stuff. Fitting it in Green could be tricky.

The power types do provide a little disconnection between colour and effect, though. I've got mill for [Torque] on Iron-Studded Grindstone, and granting flying on Pedal-Crank Wings; neither of those are at all green in flavour, but they are blue, and they have artifact precedent (Millstone etc, and Flying Carpet etc), which I think is enough. I could justify P/T switch in the same way; although I'm not sure that's got an artifact precedent, I don't think it'd break anything. But it'd be nice to find a green mechanic or two that could feel suited to Torque, just for balance.

Yeah, that's fine; I just mean I'm not sure you could shoehorn P/T switch onto this card.

Ah, I see! Absolutely. I'd really like to take this card's opportunity to get a non-blue effect for Torque, in fact. I could up the cost a little and go with +1/+1 counters (Dragon Blood), but I've already got Calistronic Galvaniser and Thornspreader Recluse. But some other options.

Wheel fitter. Torque: Target land becomes a ?/? green creature until end of turn ??

That is actually a very good suggestion. When trying to flavour it, I'm finding it keeps turning into an artifact-animator instead - and that's something else that green does in this set. So perhaps I condense this with UG01 Apprentice Animator. Biggest problem with that is I really don't think activated animation is common.

2011-06-17 16:45:19: Alex edited Gyromancer:

change from untap to +1/+1

Trying it with what is perhaps the simplest possible green effect (other than "add {g}", I guess). I'm conscious that power is used a lot to pump P/T, but pumping target creature there's only Voltaic Shamble Engine. We may be heading a little close to Pedal-Crank Wings; I might need to change that to do something other than pump power.

This is now a tweak on Ghost Warden / Wyluli Wolf.

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