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CardName: World Nuller Cost: 7 Type: Creature - Eldrazi Pow/Tgh: 9/5 Rules Text: Colored spells your opponents cast cost {3} more to cast. Flavour Text: It drains a world of more than it's life Set/Rarity: Misc Cards Mythic

World Nuller
Creature – Eldrazi
Colored spells your opponents cast cost {3} more to cast.
It drains a world of more than it's life
Updated on 27 Aug 2020 by wurms

History: [-]

2018-10-22 22:51:14: wurms created the card World Nuller

Idk man. Feels like it's missing something. With Mycosynth Lattice it seems that the idea is to turn everything into colorless artifacts - hence, changing it so that color no longer matters when it comes to paying for mana costs.

With this, it says "this gets +1/+1 for each permanent" and the second ability turning stuff into colorless is relegated to flavor only barring some niche scenarios. The scenario is somewhat similar to Mycosynth, but the story it tries to tell is clear where as here it's ambiguous. It seems like it's "draining color", but it also gets +1/+1 for lands (which are colorless by default) and from other stuff that's already colorless.

Have you thought about in detail what is the design trying to tell?

this seems to want to be a grower, and those two abilities don't not synergize, they just seem to be different things. I was thinking classic eldrazi with the first ability, and the second instantly made me think of mycosynth lattice.

I'd suggest making the two zone parameters the same.

so either:

  1. +1/+1 for colorless otb & all cards otb are colorless


  1. +1/+1 for all colorless & all cards are colorless

I prefer the former, as it feels more eldrazi, and far less broken. This would probs still cost 7 tho, because is colorless itself.

So i agree with tahazzar that the gameplay as well as flavor aren't really well done. I believe that's what he was saying, if phrased a bit odd because i tried not to just state my own opinion w/o any relevance to his last post

2018-10-26 15:04:46: wurms edited World Nuller

redesign its better now and more flavor

I don't know what this was before the redesign, but this is just horrible. You are straight locking players out of getting colored mana from their fundamental mana base.

Are you actually unaware why Blood Moon only affects nonbasic lands?

Also weirdly enough your opponents now get infinite colorless mana from their Forests.

2018-10-28 15:31:51: wurms edited World Nuller

maybe this is good?

2020-08-27 20:05:31: wurms edited World Nuller:

changed p/t

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