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Eluim pt. II

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Creature – Specter
Sacrifice Tax Inspectre: target player that drew a card outside of his or her draw phase this turn discards 3 cards.
last 2020-09-06 20:17:33 by Sorrow
Creature – Specter
{t}, sacrifice Sunhollow Spectre: Each opponent discards X cards, where X is the number of tapped non-land permanents you control.
There is a hefty to price to live in the light.
Legendary Creature – Elf Noble
Underdwell ( This creature may block while tapped as if it were untapped. Tapped creatures may block this creature. Untapped creatures cannot block this creature.)
Whenever a creature you control with underwell attacks you may untap target creature an opponent controls.
"Money can buy anything, even poverty."- Lady Reomna
Roll a six-sided die. Until end of turn you may cast up to X spells without paying their mana costs where X is the number you rolled. At the beginning of your next upkeep you lose the game.
last 2020-03-29 02:34:43 by Sorrow
Creature – Centaur Archer
{g},{t}: Wolkross Hunter deals 2 damage to target creature with flying.
Lord Wolkross ardently punishes poachers of any beast that walks his lands. The beasts that fly have no such protection.
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2018-03-10 10:29:42 by Tahazzar

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On Tax Inspectre:

Yes. Long story, I forgot how Magic spelled "specter." Since this set was inspired by Victorian England, I figured that the creature's name could use the UK English spelling.

On Tax Inspectre:

Also, is this a British English pun? Is specter (ghost) not spelled with an -re?

On Tax Inspectre:

Is this supposed to say "this turn" anywhere?

On Curtain Call:

I never understood where the turn ` win came from? Later game, when you're missing a single combo piece, yes. I'm a bit concerned now when taking the risk of playing that card should occur. Turn seven or later, probably. Is turn six too early. I feel turn three is definitely too early. I don't know about turns 4 or and 5, but I would think too early.

On Wolkross Hunter:

Repeatable removal, even if conditional, shouldn't be common since it can be backbreaking. However, looking through the set, I don't see that many cards that this could actually take down on its own (Wind Drakes and such) so maaaybe it's fine in this particular instance... This being a counter to Chemical Courier seems only fair IMO.

On Unfathomable Experiments:

Underdwell updated again. The previously wording said "Untapped creatures may block this creature as if they were untapped." Creatures with Underdwell were never intended to be able to be blocked by untapped creatures, which the wording left out.

What Underdwell wants is to let creatures block while tapped and that only tapped creatures can block creatures with Underdwell in return.

On Astrologer Apostle:

> Whenever ~ becomes the target of a white spell or ability from a white source, you may untap it. If you do, you gain 2 life.


On Astrologer Apostle:

Oh, I missed "or ability". Abilities are much easier to put into a deck to break this kind of card e. g. this goes infinite with Lifeforce Distributor.

On Astrologer Apostle:

(((Vocal Supporter))) and Justice's Stance can also trigger this card.

On Lifeforce Distributor:

The option of tapping creatures wasn't useful on this card and would have only have worked if you were gaining life at other times.

And I have no idea what I was thinking when I designed the card originally. I maybe wanted a white artifact, or maybe just thought of a white card.

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