[Val] Valhar, the Dying Plane: Story

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Disaster has struck from nowhere. The plane Valhar was small and isolated, so interplanar affairs never struck that plane before. They had no idea of a planeswalkers war raging in another part of the multiverse and never would have known of it. It was just a weapon designed to consume a world caught in the war was deflected into the planar void and after centuries hit the unaware plane.

Valhar was not physically destroyed, but the metaphysical barrier to the æther has been scratched and is slowly whittled down. The bonds keeping the material world of Valhar together gradually unravel and nothingness consumes them. The people of Valhar react in different ways: some praying to their deaf deities or trying to research methods to understand and undo the damage; others embrace the destruction and bring anarchy to the land; and even others try and clutch to their own lifes at the cost of everyone else.

Created on 5 Aug 2015 by SecretInfiltrator