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The Plane of Valhar

(Which falls apart...)


Feudal system. Halls of wood. Walled villages. Settlers of a cold land. Wrapped in fur.

Rever the Old Tribe - a mythical people of paragons representing ideals like toughness and will to sacrifice.


High culture of traders/colonists from the warmer coasts. Families of mercantile wizards influence a central council. Assimilates lesser tribes as working class.

The threat posed by the unraveling of the plane stirs uprisings that break apart the nation.


The cliffside aven. Fatalistic? Oracles?


"Beyond the edge." Undead that settle where any mortal must perish and join their ranks. Bone towers on the mountains and dark halls beyond and below.


Dryad? Hag? "Winter witches".


Boarfolk. Kings of the weald.


The resentful land.

Twin towns of Allkuel and Stirnborg of the elves and dwarves.



Raiders/pirates/looters. Prodigal fleet captains of the high culture.

Created on 26 Mar 2017 by SecretInfiltrator