Darangal: Storyline

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The plane of Darangal was once a lush, diverse plane. The central plains were ruled by the Rajdan, a great empire of Rhox. To the north, the Radjan Empire was bordered by a cold polar region with unforgiving climate. Here were built the ice-spires of the Aizu, great Vedalken wizards who kept meticulous records of the great events that would shape the plane's history. The Aizu kept aloof from political happenings on Darangal. To the west, the Radjan were bordered by the Komau, a tribe of shamanic elves who allied themselves with the Rhox and sought only to protect Darangal's natural beauty. From the south, these peaceful lands were disturbed by waves of Kalru viashino, who took pleasure in war and slaughtered with impunity. In the east sat the Ngukar, a malicious tribe of Naga who plotted and schemed from their dark palaces. But thousands of years ago, all of these kingdoms fell when a mysterious human pyromancer arrived on the plane, bringing with her the flamelords. The phoenixes, or Dol-Uur as the denizens of Darangal called them, destroyed the plane and set up a new emperor on Gazargal, a fiery throne atop Darangal's greatest volcano.

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