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Dizornius is an attempt at a non-ravnica two-color set. The flavor is that on the plane of Dizornius, the enemy-color factions are good, and the allied-color factions are evil. Set 1 contains mainly the enemy-color, with a hint of allied-color. Set 1's factions are:

­{u}{r} The Masquerade (puppets and scarecrows and tricksters)

­{r}{w} Vanguard (fierce combatants)

­{w}{b} Clerics (they uphold the will of the angels and gods)

­{b}{g} The Clan (ferocious fighters who defend til the end)

­{g}{u} Fae (mystical faeries)

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Rickety Theater enters the battlefield tapped.
When Rickety Theater enters the battlefield, add {1} to your mana pool.
{t}: Add {u} or {r} to your mana pool.
1 comment
2015-12-14 13:19:08 by Alex
Creature – Human Cleric
Whenever you would draw a card outside of your draw step, instead draw two cards and lose 1 life.
last 2014-05-03 13:18:59 by Tenebrae
Legendary Artifact
Multicolored creatures you control get +3/+3.
Multicolored spells you control can't be countered.
Multicolored enchantments you control are indestructible.
last 2014-05-02 22:39:50 by Tenebrae
All creatures get -5/-0.
Target player takes an extra turn after this one.
misdirection {2}{u}{u} (During combat, you may return an unblocked attacker you control to its owner's hand and pay {2}{u}{u}. If you do, cast this card without paying its mana cost.)

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On Rickety Theater:

Interestingly, several people on Multiverse had cards which tap for coloured mana, but ETBT and add colourless as a oneoff. The new card Crumbling Vestige has that pattern reversed, which is a tweak I don't think anyone on Multiverse had come up with.

On Speaker of Volkas:

oops! forgot a clause

On Speaker of Volkas:

Hmm. Seems rather too much better than Dark Confidant. I think that averaged more than 1 life even in a pretty aggressive deck, and I'm sure you know that card is exceedingly good.

On Keystone of Dizornius:


On Keystone of Dizornius:

That's quite nice now. Probably only needs to cost about {5} though.

On Keystone of Dizornius:

i think this whole card needs to be rethought

On Keystone of Dizornius:

You may like to note that even mythics will usually have reminder text for new keyword abilities on them. See Erebos and friends, Flame-Wreathed Phoenix, Chromanticore, Stormbreath Dragon, Hythonia the Cruel, Trostani, Selesnya's Voice etc. At the moment to somebody who isn't intimately familiar with the set this looks like "Pelliflotix. Creatures you control have xyquotian. Instants and sorceries you cast have qurbledot."

I also have no idea what kind of Wrath effect could be worth 14 mana even if it cantrips: see Overwhelming Forces.

On Flora and Fauna:

I couldn't search the card before, but it was Collective Unconscious, which is the same but sorcery. It's probably fine because it's a little weak, but you could try to give this another angle.

Judging by your original name, you could still make it a modal mode that cared about lands in the other. Maybe putting 1/1s. Hazezon Tamar does this for {4}{r}{g}{w} plus a 2/4 but with delay and they're gone if the 2/4 is gone. Beacon of Creation does this for {3}{g} but only counting Forests. I believe about {4}{g}{g} should be okay, but as a sorcery. It would also be cool that casting this one gives you tons of dudes to draw many cards with the second one.

On Induce Impulse:

The card feels borderline general power level-wise. It begs to have a deck made to break it, but it's not clearly broken right off the bat.

I suspect it wouldn't be printed as a common, though. Such a big upside is usually uncommon (Turn/Burn, magma jet, punishing fire). At common, making it sorcery would also remove the cases where you can't use the exiled card (b/c it's not an instant).

On Induce Impulse:

Whoops. I'm sorry about messing up.

This card is really great, I agree. The only thing is that many people might not know whether you can cast an exiled sorcery if it wasn't your turn. And a lot will definitely mess up with lands. Either make this a sorcery, or this should give the exiled card flash. (And by now it's creeping complexity a lot.)

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