Rampage of Flames

Rampage of Flames by manofperson

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A plane where kingdoms are secured by powerful mages and the wilderness is covered in flames.

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Creature – Elemental
When Pyre Elemental enters the battlefield, put 5 blaze counters divided to 1, 2, 3, 4, or 5 permanents.
Pyre Elemental must attack each turn if able.
last 2016-06-06 01:22:18 by keflexxx
World Enchantment
Whenever a permanent is put into play, put a 0/1 colorless Echo permanent onto the field with all abilities of that permanent. Destroy it whenever its abilities resolve.
1 comment
2016-02-27 01:21:33 by KeresAcheron
Creature – Vampire Rouge
Haste, flying
When Stealer of Thoughts deals damage to a player this turn, draw a card. That player skips their next draw phase.
1 comment
2016-02-27 01:18:55 by KeresAcheron
Choose one – Prevent all damage being dealt by target creature, or prevent all damage dealt by target instant or sorcery.
Entwine {u/w}{u/w}
1 comment
2016-02-27 01:15:08 by KeresAcheron
Land – Plains Mountain
Blazing Prarie comes into play tapped.
{t}, Put a -1/-1 counter on a creature you control: Add {r}{w} to your mana pool.
last 2016-02-27 01:13:26 by KeresAcheron

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On Pyre Elemental:

why are we commenting on cards from 3 years ago? don't imagine the designer is coming back anytime soon

On Pyre Elemental:

put 5 blaze counters divided as you choose among any number of target permanents.

On Echo Field:

At the very least "Another non-token permanent" to prevent endless looping and killing itself. And since mana abilities don't use the stack this will give players tons of free ramp.

On Stealer of Thoughts:

This card is broken. It will come out immediately on turn four and unless your opponent has a creature with flying or removal in their hand they automatically the lose the game.

On Invalidate Consent:

Should be this turn for the creature for memory issues. And should be reformatted to new bullet point style.

On Blazing Prarie:

Should have the remainder text {T: Add {w} or {r} to your mana pool") like other dual lands. Cool land.

On Pyre Elemental:

This card really needs remainder text on it to explain how it works without having to look at other cards.

On Memorize:


On Colossus Summoner:

The problem with "discard a [specific card type] card" is that you can always claim not to have a card of the right type in your hand, and your opponent won't know because it's a hidden zone.

On Colossus Summoner:

Could do, but isn't the ability already kinda confused enough?

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