Crusades of Lamiria

Crusades of Lamiria by SuperPax

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Holy Angel Loxen has gone missing causing old tensions to flair up on the plane of Lamiria.

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Creature – Elemental Shapeshifter
You may have Mist Elemental enter the battlefield as a copy of any creature on the battlefield, except that it's also a Shapeshifter Elemental.
Finally, a worthy opponent.
Illus. SP MJ
Creature – Elemental Zombie Bird
{2}: Return Nightfall Raven from your graveyard to the battlefield tapped. Active only if you've played an Island this turn.
When a phoenix dies in the forsaken tundra it rises changed, not from ash but from ice.
Illus. Kev, SP, MJ
last 2023-02-28 01:49:56 by SuperPax
Creature – Elemental
If you played an Island this turn, Riptide Crasher can't be blocked
The tides of war are a fickle thing.
Illus. SP MJ
Creature – Wizard
Hit and run (While this creature is tapped it has hexproof.)
When Inexperienced Cryomancer deals damage to a creature tap it and put a stun counter on it.
"He's still standing? Time to go!" – Lucky spell caster.
Illus. SP MJ
Creature – Angel
Scavenger hunt for flying – When Wingripper Valkyrie enters the battlefield, if you control another creature with flying, creatures your opponents control lose flying and can't have or gain flying.
Illus. SuperPax , MJ, Kev
1 comment
2024-04-26 15:48:21 by SuperPax

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On Eleo, Elemental Emperium:

Maybe add Haste to static

On Blacksteel Mercenary:

Either add more Backup or cut backup

On Black Slime:

Touch up slimes

On Matthew Spellsmith:

Willing to scrap

On Aspiring Spellbreaker:

or 0/3 with defender

On Aspiring Spellbreaker:

maybe a 1/2

On Wingripper Valkyrie:

Will Touch up Scolls

On Fort Commondale:

Maybe change to 3

On Time Displacement:

I'm not certain what exactly your goal with the stun counters is, but from my intuition, I'd feel "At the beginning of that turn's end step, put a stun counter on each of four tapped permanents you control" would be better. One thing this avoids is stacking the stun counters on enchantments, Equipments, or creatures with vigilance or defender.

On Mind Freeze:

Oh, That's Hot

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