Crusades of Lamiria

Crusades of Lamiria by SuperPax

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Holy Angel Loxen has gone missing causing old tensions to flair up on the plane of Lamiria.

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Legendary Land
{t}, Pay 1 life, Sacrifice Lamirian Prairie: Search your library for a plains card, put it onto the battlefield, then shuffle.
{1}{w}, Sacrifice Lamirian Prairie: Search your library for an enchantment card, reveal it, then shuffle and put that card on top.
Illus. Kev, SP, MJ
Creature – Snake
Whenever a creature dies create a food token.
Illus. Kev, SP, MJ
When Kynda Hydra Queen enters the battlefield other creatures you control gain "when this would die return it to the battlefield tapped "until end of turn
Whenever Kyndra Hydra Queen would die instead return it to the battlefield on your next upkeep
Illus. Kev SP MJ
1 comment
2023-05-29 20:00:16 by dude1818
Basic Land – Swamp Mountain Plains
Whenever this enters the battlefield return a Swamp, Mountain, or Plains you control to its owner's hand
{t}: Pay 1 Life: add {b},{r}, or {w} to your mana pool
Illus. Kev SP MJ
Basic Land – Island Mountain Plains
When this enters the battlefield return a Plains, Island, or Mountain you control to its owners hand
{t} Pay {1} Life: add {u},{r}, or {w} to your mana pool

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On Kyndra Zombie Queen:

For clarity, the first ability should say "until end of turn, other creatures you control get ..."

The second ability confuses a trigger and a replacement effect. Options are "When ~ dies, return it to the battlefield at the beginning of your next upkeep step" or "If ~ would die, exile it instead. Return it to the battlefield under your control at the beginning of your next upkeep."

On Oakheart Warrior:

Elemental Treefolk Warrior

On Allukan, Natural Shifter:

The +1 is way to strong for a splashable three-drop. {2}and two of a single color seems to be the cheapest, no set-up to get mana to +loyalty ability to get a 1/1 with a Chandra and an Elspeth, and at 2/3 it's 3 and two of two different colors with Ashiok, Nightmare Muse. This is also only a rare planeswalker and a not a mythic one.
My suggestions would be either make a 1/1 token and cost {1}{g}{g}, as that's probably okay powercreep over Nissa, Voice of Zendikar or increase the mana value to {3}{g}{g}, keep the token the same, and increase starting loyalty and ultimate accordingly to the increased cost.

On Airborne epiphany:

If the card text doesn't work without the text, don't italicize it! All italics are supposed to be not rules-relevant: flavor text, reminder text, ability words etc.

Scavenger hunt clearly is relevant. Also ":" is a reserved character on Magic cards for activated abilities. You could word it like this:

  • Scavenger hunt for flying – Target creature gains flying until end of turn. (Do this if you control a creature with flying as you cast this spell.)
On Stalwart Rager:

You accidentally put this rare at common.

The keyword you are searching for is "defender".

Ability words expect you to write out the whole ability.

Capitalization: "Elemental".

Wording: "two cards".

I think, a mana cost on the activation cost of the tokens is in order - you can get a lot of card advantage out of these five tokens.

On Nightfall Raven:

yeah, I changed the second ability after feedback from my creative partner but I agree that it doesn't feel quite like a common anymore.

On Airborne epiphany:

You don't pay. Scavenger Hunt is ability that checks for other abilities and if you have the other ability you get a bonus. In this case, if you have a flying creature you can give another creature flying. I appreciate the feedback I will be making a card in the future that explains the ability.

On Airborne epiphany:

That is the weirdest activated ability. How do you pay "flying"?

On Nightfall Raven:

That doesn't feel like a common.

The first four words of the flavor text could easily fool you into thinking it's a triggered ability. That entertains me.

On Raggarros, Spirit of Lamiria:

Weirdly asymetric as the blue effect creates a feedback loop that allows you to play even more lands.

The ability to play additional lands is weird on a 5 mana value three color creatures, but with that loop makes kinda sense.

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