Tuvia: The Endless Journey

Tuvia: The Endless Journey by HarrisonY

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A plane like a rolled up map, one end of the world is constantly being created from the aether while the other is constantly returning to the aether.

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On Tuvia: The Endless Journey (reply):

https://www.mage.space/u/SeasonsEnd Visit my stable diffusion art gallery! Feel free to use anything there for your non commercial needs and ask me about requests.

On Tuvia: The Endless Journey (reply):

I'd love feedback on the art, doing the best I can to achieve the feel of the flavour, mechanics, and making it feel like actual magic art.

Even with caching issues, you can view the art on the visual spoiler page by sorting by sections.

Edit: every colored common has art, good or bad it has art.

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Artifact – Equipment
{3}: Equip creature
Equipped creature gets +1/+1 for each land card in your graveyard.
Illus. Laura Ai
last 2023-02-12 23:00:10 by HarrisonY
Creature – Moonfolk Advisor
End-Plane Witness can't be blocked by creatures with power two or less.
Illus. Harrison Ai
1 comment
2023-02-08 10:17:25 by SecretInfiltrator
Artifact – Equipment
Equip {1}
Equipped creature gets +1/+1 and has
"Whenever this creature attacks, if it shares a creature type with at least two other creatures you control, those creatures get +1/+0 until end of turn."
Illus. Harrison Ai
Creature – Elephant Turtle
The Crawl affects every living creature. Plants keep growing, birds keep flying, and the Tortudiphant never slows it's pace.
Illus. Xavier Pereira
Destroy target enchantment.
Retrace (You may cast this card from your graveyard by discarding a land card as an additional cost to cast it.)
Illus. Harrison Ai

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On Genesis Medallion:

I'm taking back the word medallion lol

On Genesis Medallion:

Probably not a big deal, but I find it odd to not have a cost reduction effect on a medallion

On End-Plane Witness:

Intention: "blocks" or "blocks ~"? I suppose, I don't get the flavor.

On Goblin Larcenist:

Huh this can give itself haste on an empty board

On Gore-Point Charger:


Charging Monstrosaur is a 5/5 with the same abilities, this will get one point stronger but only after being weaker

On Gore-Point Charger:

Both trample and haste seem extra strong with renown, although I suppose each one has been used individually with it

On Gore-Point Charger:

If too strong then 4/2 or 3/3 change

On Tuvia: The Endless Journey:

https://www.mage.space/u/SeasonsEnd Visit my stable diffusion art gallery! Feel free to use anything there for your non commercial needs and ask me about requests.

On Gathered Anecdotes:

My limited environment will likely enjoy this card too. Repose (basically embalm) will be dropping a lot of unique tokens onto the board.

The flavor is also a huge win for my world, where very little is permanent, stories hold a special quality.

On Gathered Anecdotes:

I recognise if this was a standard card, you could see play patterns of Turn 2: This. Turn 3: Another copy of this, 1 mana token, draw 2.

But again, tokens by themselves are often 1/1s and traditional token wins are with a lot of them being buffed, which this doesn't lend itself to so I think it's fine.

More likely you just get this down early and it draws a few cards while you execute a midrange/control gameplay and eventually it may become a backdoor win condition threat.

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