Frightful Desperation

Frightful Desperation by Ombra

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12 rares, 3 mythics

6 colourless, 8 white, 9 blue, 7 black, 11 red,
9 green, 19 multicolour, 12 hybrid, 8 artifact, 1 land

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A generic horror themed set

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(This card is not a spell and has no types. Nonexistent mana costs can’t be paid.)

Cycling {1}.

As long as Amorphous Ideal is in a graveyard, it has all types, colors and card names.
Creature – Plant Oooze

Putrid Mold enters the battlefield under target player's control.

Creatures you control enter the battlefield as a copy of Putrid Mold, except they have no abilities.
Until end of turn, all nonpermanent spells are cast as though they were a copy of target nonpermanent spell, except they have their printed types and costs.
Artifact Creature – Construct

Whenever Creepy Mirror is dealt damage by a source, it deals that much damage to the controller of that source.

{1}{u}{r}: change a target of target spell or ability to Creepy Mirror (the new targets must be legal).
Legendary Creature – Efreet Cleric
Whenever Qaj, the Fanatic Scholar enters the battlefield or you draw a card, exile the top card of your library.

When Qaj dies, put all cards exiled with it in your hand.

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On Accursed Necromancer:

Yeah, the issue is lots of searching puts the card in your hand, but you can't put cards you don't own in your hand

On Accursed Necromancer:

Only in silver-bordered/acorn/Un-setting.

Easier if only searching your own graveyard.

On Cloaked Sniper:

Changed it (restricting the source to creatures and planeswalkers. It doesn't feel right that a sniper may kill, say, an enchantment or some such). It was not the intention to also counter the ability though.

On Cloaked Sniper:

That's super not clear. It reads like you're destroying the targeted creature. Maybe try "when a permanent with the chosen name becomes the target of an ability, counter that ability and destroy its source"

On Cloaked Sniper:

I don't see how does it combo with e.g. Bloodlust Inciter though; if there isn't something I'm failing to see, all it would do is destroying Bloodlust Inciter upon having it target something of the chosen name (the thing that gets destroyed is not the targeted permanent, but the creature whose ability targets)

On Cloaked Sniper:

Seems like a lot of effort to create a mind game that instead usually just ends up being a combo with Bloodlust Inciter etc.

On Ferocious Predator:

I was actually thinking to introduce a creature "eating" mechanic at some time, this seems like an appropriate place

On Ferocious Predator:

As someone who's made dozens of cards based of Aswan Jaguar, I approve of this version... with the exception that the original card was in violation of the color pie ad you don't address that issue.

As-is the card would need to be black. You could move from outright creature destruction to a fight or "bite" effect to keep the card green.

On Ferocious Predator:

Eh, I tried to keep the spirit of it as much as possible but gameplay-wise you're probably right. Changed it.

On Ferocious Predator:

I feel like you should be rewarded for that kind of corner case then, not punished

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