Frightful Desperation

Frightful Desperation by Ombra

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21 green, 44 multicolour, 17 hybrid, 21 artifact, 6 land

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A generic horror themed set

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Creature – Human Beast
Liminal Entity has vigilance, first strike and +0/+2 as long as it is a Human and not a Beast.

Liminal Entity has trample, reach and +2/+0 as long as it is a Beast and not a Human.

{2}{w/g}: choose a creature type. Until end of turn, Liminal Entity isn't the chosen type.
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2022-11-22 19:47:46 by SecretInfiltrator
Legendary Land
{0}: add {g} or {b}. Activate this ability only if Corrupted Wood is in your graveyard, and only if you haven't activated it since your last untap step.
Creature – Angel Samurai
As Sworn Custodian enters the battlefield, choose a creature you control with toughness 1. If you don't, sacrifice Sworn Custodian. When the chosen creature leaves the battlefield, sacrifice Sworn Custodian.
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2022-11-15 21:52:22 by dude1818
Needle Launcher enters the battlefield with a charge counter on it.

Whenever you are dealt exactly 1 damage, you may have Needle Launcher deal 1 damage to X target creatures, planeswalkers and/or opponents, where X is the number of charge counters on Needle Launcher. If you do, put a charge counter on it.
Creature – Gremlin
When Gremlin Scout enters the battlefield, you may destroy target artifact. If an artifact you control is destroyed in this way, create a token that's a copy of Gremlin Scout.

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On Liminal Entity:

I wish first strike was replaced with something that matters only on defense to parallel the reach in the other ability e. g. ability to block an additional creature.

First strike is also not in the green color pie, so the activated ability shouldn't be hybrid as it is.

On Sworn Custodian:

Neat idea. I suggest

> As ~ etbs, choose a creature you control with toughness 1. If you don't, sacrifice ~. When the chosen creature leaves the battlefield, sacrifice ~.

On Lifesink Trap:

Hmm, well; I guess I got what I wanted. And the old proverb is true - because while sendible this is also a lot less interesting now.

It is, at least, a nicely black variant of Reverse Damage.

On Lifesink Trap:

I think, you want "Choose target opponent. Until end of turn, whenever you lose life, that player loses that much life."

Otherwise the target will only be chosen as part of putting the delayed triggered ability on the stack and the cost reduction ability would not work, I think.

On Lifesink Trap:

I agree with Vitenka - obviously this does nothing if no opponent targets you with a spell or ability and everyone just runs on creatures, but this might be too strong a hoser of a single strategy.

I also really don't like how this punishes all opponents for one person playing into the Trap.

I personally could see an actual mana cost for the Trap cost and life loss as part of the effect.

There is also a lack of thematic cohesion due to all of this. Why do I punish opponent A, B and C because player A cast Bargain after player B attacked you with a creature? Better Trap designs tailor their effects and conditions better to each other.

On Lifesink Trap:

If this is phy or otherwise alt-costed the black away, then this feels like it would horribly unbalance everything; since every deck can run it. Which means no deck can risk dealing a large amount of damage in a single turn (because no matter what colour deck they are, the opponent might drop a pair of these). Which turns every match into slowly plinking away a couple of damage a turn. I suppose it also affords overkill - if they're already dead then it won't go off. So that's two viable play styles. But it cuts out a large middle-ground.

It's also unfortunate that this causes life loss, which is much harder to defend against.

On Lifesink Trap:

Right now this is "2 life or 3BB." I get SI's point, but phyrexian mana makes the template a lot easier

On Lifesink Trap:

"Lifesink Trap"

There is so much incentive to pay life rather than mana for the alternative cost that I would actually prefer not to have the choice phyrexian mana suggests.

On Lifesink Trap:

Confusing that the lifelink keyword appears nowhere on the card

On Send In the Fodder:

Now it's interesting instead of broken. Hard to call it ablative armor since they can't block, though

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