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# Name Colour Rarity Cost Type P T Card text Comments Recent comment
1 Royal Retainer Blue Common 2{1}{u} Artifact Creature – Construct Aristocrat 3 3 Defender

As long as you have a dental device, Royal Retainer may attack as though it did not have defender. (Dental devices include braces, retainers, false teeth, headgear, ect.)
2 Spako, Frenzied Jesture Multicolour Rare 4{2}{b}{r} Legendary Creature – Devil Rogue 5 2 At the beginning of each player's upkeep, that player performs a gesture. Then, that player performs all previous gestures made by each player in order, starting with the most recent. (A gesture is any simple action, such as tipping a hat or drinking from a cup.)

Whenever a player performs an incorrect gesture, that player sacrifices a permanent.
1 1634437981 on 17 Oct 2021 by fishMaster
3 Booglub, Compulsive Liar Multicolour Mythic 2{u}{g} Legendary Creature – Mutant Shapeshifter 2 2 Changeling

All things about you are true. (You have every pet, your eyes are every color, you have a dental implant, ect.)
1 1634625105 on 19 Oct 2021 by SecretInfiltrator
4 Eyeball Snatcher Multicolour Uncommon 3{c}{u}{g} Creature – Mutant Bird 3 1 Flying

Eyeball Snatcher costs {g} less to cast if you have green eyes, {u} less for blue eyes, and {c} less any other color of eye.
5 Brain Mage Multicolour Mythic 5{3}{u}{r} Sorcery At the beginning of your next upkeep, Calculate (Solve X=(√A((B-C))/D given the following variables:

A = The number of card types in your graveyard
B = The total CMC of creatures you control
C = The number of cards you own in exile
D = The number of cards in your hand)

If X is a non-zero whole number, you win the game.
3 1634556568 on 18 Oct 2021 by SecretInfiltrator
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