Forms of Orich: Mechanics

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Mechanics | Skeleton

Infuriate: Creature gains a +1/+1 counter at the beginning of your combat step and must attack every turn if able until it deals damage to a player or planeswalker. Used on 1 cards: Sharal, Rage of Skaroth
Dodge: Remove this creature from combat. Used on 2 cards: Hunim, Elder of the Anatur, Anatur Shopguard
Animate: When this leaves your hand, you may pay PARAM1 to turn it into a 3/3 PARAM2 creature in addition to other types. Used on 1 cards: Olagratz, Core of the Kalagrath
Diverting: This creature cannot be affected by spells that do not target it. Used on 3 cards: Lothorem, Home of the Tynos, Sharotz, Titanic Protector, Tynos Nightslayer
Herald: Creatures of this type cost {1} less to cast and have Vigilance and Haste. Used on 2 cards: Athul, Warden of the Ithine, Ithine Ironclad

In card text or details pages, write the mechanic's code name (playtest name) between square brackets, like "[Crittercast]", "[Bushido 1]" or "[Delay 4 {2}{R}{R}]". It will be expanded to the mechanic's name plus reminder text, such as "Suspend 4 – {2}{r}{r}. (Rather than cast this spell from your hand,...)"
To expand a mechanic's name but not its reminder text, include parentheses at the end of the square brackets: "[Crittercast()]", "[Delay 9 {R}()]".