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I noticed Reanimated Trophy is the only Beast with a second creature type. I think that's a shame. Beasts gain a lot of flavor if you use some interesting types with it e. g. Monkey Beast, Ox Beast, Wolf Beast.

Unfortunately, beast is the miscellaneous creature type. If you can classify it as an ox or a wolf, etc, it's not a beast

Note that some of them received additional types during the GCTU, but many are printed with multiple types already - and recently.

The creature types fit very well for especially savage or primal forms of well-known creature types. If you imagine a lupine beast or horned creature, adding these additional types is a great way to transport that message - especially for custom cards that often don't have the luxury of illustration.

My favorite -though retroactive- use of this, btw, is Jackalope Herd.

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