Hunters Vs. Beasts Duel Deck

Hunters Vs. Beasts Duel Deck by Deadsaint

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A hunter style deck vs a beast tribal deck.

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Creature – Insect Beast
Oaken Crawler has power equal to the number of forests you control.

If Oaken Crawler would die you may exile it instead of putting it into the graveyard, if you do search your library for a forest and put it into play, then shuffle your library.
Illus. Ryan Kennedy
Creature – Frog Beast

When Bile Beast dies it deals 2 damage to target creature.
While its alive it can be dangerous, but dead? Dead it is much more lethal.
Illus. Ryan Kennedy
{t}: Add {g}.

Pay 1 life, {t}: Add {r} or {b}.

{t}, Sacrifice a beast: Add {r}{g}{b}.
The bones of the weak fuel the strong.
Illus. Ryan Kennedy
last 2019-09-05 11:54:19 by Lost Fblthp
Artifact – Equipment
Equipped creature gains +3/+0, reach, and "Exile a card from your graveyard: Deal 1 damage to target creature."

Equip {3}
Illus. Ryan Kennedy
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2019-09-05 09:52:00 by SecretInfiltrator
Artifact Creature – Construct
Whenever a creature dealt damage this turn by Hunting Automaton dies put a +1/+1 counter on Hunting Automaton.
It fires 10 arrows a minute and has no emotions! Perfect for my hunting party. – Durik, Goblin Huntsmaster
Illus. Ryan Kennedy

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On Shrouded Wood:

I think "{t}, Sacrifice a creature: Add {b}{r}{g}." could be a better 2nd ability.

On Shrouded Wood:

This communicates Beast colos very well, but they are definitely weighted weirdly.

On Beast-Sinew Bow:

That activated ability feels not right on an Equipment. It also overshadows everything else the card does.

On Hunters Vs. Beasts Duel Deck:

Note that some of them received additional types during the GCTU, but many are printed with multiple types already - and recently.

The creature types fit very well for especially savage or primal forms of well-known creature types. If you imagine a lupine beast or horned creature, adding these additional types is a great way to transport that message - especially for custom cards that often don't have the luxury of illustration.

My favorite -though retroactive- use of this, btw, is Jackalope Herd.

On Hunters Vs. Beasts Duel Deck:

Unfortunately, beast is the miscellaneous creature type. If you can classify it as an ox or a wolf, etc, it's not a beast

On Hunters Vs. Beasts Duel Deck:

I noticed Reanimated Trophy is the only Beast with a second creature type. I think that's a shame. Beasts gain a lot of flavor if you use some interesting types with it e. g. Monkey Beast, Ox Beast, Wolf Beast.

On Branchwhipper:

Neat. Cool flavor. Your commons are simple enough, there just ought to be more.

On Pack Omega:

I suggest "Target Beast gains indestructible until end of turn." since regeneration is passé.

This card could use a large boost in playability, so maybe even "gets +1/+1 and gains indestructible" or "gains deathtouch and indestructible".

Most likely it should just have a better size/cost ratio.

On Tricksome Scamperers:

I think WotC is in the wrong here honestly. Wasting hybrid space is bad, designing monocolored units that get a discount for being multicolored is undesirable as well. I speculate this is again the cause of shoehorned cycles where this is defined by MMNN cost which means the cost which means they prolly got a pass as far as color pie goes as their cost was locked down by the cycle and was then handled down to the dirty hands of development who are prone to care less about color pie considerations.

Triple {b} in Necropotence is no accident. Nor is the cost of {1}{u}{u}{g} of Mystic Snake, making Frilled Mystic just lazy. Afaik Ravnica Allegiance is a very draft focused environment so that's another reason why I see these kind of slip-ups happening there. This whole cycle was prolly just made to reward going forcefully two-colored (rather than 2+ colors), and again I think their limited effect was more important than color pie if you ask me.

but #off-topic really and /rant

On Vaunted Tusk:

So, since this is an artifact and I'll always suggest artifacts to tap if possible to drive home that distinction to enchantments...

How about:

{?}, {t}: Reveal the top card of your library. If you revealed a Beast card this way, put it into your hand.
Otherwise, put it on the bottom of your library. Whenever you cast a Beast spell, untap ~.

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