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A world of Shiftrrs is a very sad world indeed

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Basic Information

Shiftrrs are a race of beings which generally resemble a crooked spine with terrible mandibles and limbs, made of one material or another. They are in truth, a loosely related group of entirely different beings, making it rare for a pair to find suitable genetic similarities to breed.

Shiftrrs vary highly in the genetics department, more or less meaning you can only assume facts about their specific sub-breed on a one-to-one basis. Shiftrrs as an entire group do not have any definition of gender, while some breeds of Shiftrrs could be either male or female, mostly seen in the {r}{g} group (as you will here of later) it's not entirely uncommon to see Shiftrr groups which genetically lack gender encoded in them, or are an entirely unique third party with different reproductive, hormonal and such properties.

Something they do share is that Shiftrrs are innately unattractive, even to members of their own species. Nearly every breed lives it's life spent almost entirely in solidarity, as their numbers are very low, even on highly-inhabited worlds. Beyond this, they find one another almost entirely unbearable, as any other being would. Even those that seek companionship rarely are able to find it from anyone or even have the own tolerance in themselves. This can stem from hatred of the outside world, or deep-seeded self-resentment.

For this reason, Shiftrrs are left with very little to do besides learn and hoard magics, or personally invade civilizations by utilizing their inborn ability to transform into other beings. Although the more attractive the form they acquire is, the more difficult and painful it is to preserve.

This can all lead to toxic relationships, as well as infanticide.

Mechanical Identity

Shiftrrs come in every color except {w}. Although there are distinguished possibilities for them.

We'll start with the highest order and move our way down.

Willing Shiftrrs

This is an unofficial term for Shiftrrs that more or less work with what they've been given.

They come in two color identities.

­{b/g} - Material

­{r/u} - Invasive

Let me start by saying these terms are all unofficial and probably not optimal.

Okay, the former.

~ {b/g} Identity ~

Mechanical Identity

~ {u/r} Identity ~

Mechanical Identity

Unwilling Shiftrrs

This is the unofficial term for Shiftrr's who do not cooperate with their nature. No Shiftrr has ever been said to be comfortable existing, but these Shiftrr's are labelled thus for being completely unwilling to exist in their usual forms.

They also come in two color identities, making a final total of four.

­{r/g} - Berserk

­{u/b} - Outsiders

The former now

~ {r/g} Identity ~

Mechanical Identity

~ {u/b} Identity ~

Mechanical Identity

That's all folks!

Edit: added some mechanical identities.

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Creature – Shiftrr Wizard
{1}{u}: Shiftrr Lobotomizer cannot be blocked this turn.
Whenever Shiftrr Lobotomizer deals combat damage to a player, they mill those many cards.
You may tap an untapped Shiftrr you control instead of paying this card's mana cost.
Target player mills five cards.
Target creature gets -X/-0 this turn. It's controller mills X cards.
Switch target creatures power and toughness this turn.
Legendary Planeswalker – Madbrethor
+1: Until end of turn, whenever a permanent enters the graveyard, put a loyalty counter on Madbrethor.
-2: Destroy target creature or land.
-7: Each player that had two or more permanents enter the graveyard under their control this turn lose the game.
At the beginning of each upkeep, creatures become 0/1 blue Frogs with Shroud
{1}{r}: Laboratory Euthanization deals 1 damage to target creature. If that creature has Shroud, target it as if it didn't.
The Shiftrr had a moral dilemma, unusually. It wished not to kill anything bigger than a Frog.
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On Shiftrr of Hateful Wishes:

good point. will change

On Shiftrr of Hateful Wishes:

This is very good and reasonable - right up until you don't have to pay the mana costs. Comparable spells and creatures tend to allow any colour of mana to be used, instead. Because bypassing cost completely is scary.

On Communal Shiftrr:
On Communal Shiftrr:

Deosn't actually need the +1, since it itself is one, so this is alwasy at least 1/1. Might be cleaner without it?

On Revolting Captor:

Yeah good point, I will up the cost because I want it to not just be a flavored reprint

On Peer with a Sneer:

Okay, i though i saw dimir do it but i guess i didnt pay attention to which color of the two it was.

On Luthrid, Cruel Alchemist:

I'm gonna have ALOT of alternate casting in this set, and even more if I end up making that Grey Mana set im hyping up terribly.

The second one is quite useful im sure, but not to everyone, but in a certain deck for sure (its not super niche, instants sorceries is quite a broad and long-supported theme). Storm count just means the number of instant or sorcery spells you've cast this turn. I heard it somewhere, and put it here to shorten the card. It might not be official, but it's part of the Storm mechanic.

This set probs wont feature storm, but it does have a small blue red instant sorceries theme

edit: said mechanic, meant set, thanks loud talking people at lunch >:(

On Laboratory Euthanization:

My bad, im used to typing that and not typing this

On Revolting Captor:

This is better than Act of Treason in two ways. It should cost more.

Also, the "If you control a Shiftrr" ability is... black? I guess? Generally, black causes purely punitive discard (without forcing card draw first) on opponents. But the odd tax ability makes it feel blue instead.

On Peer with a Sneer:

That kicked ability appears almost exclusively in white.

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