Storyline Decks: The Contract

Storyline Decks: The Contract by Zai

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5 commons, 7 uncommons, 5 rares, 2 mythics

2 blue, 3 red, 1 green,
8 multicolour, 4 artifact, 1 land

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A Duel Decks set based on the prologue of my MtG fanfiction. Acts as a prequel to Mahdrahx.

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Enchantment – Aura
Enchant creature

Enchanted creature can't be blocked unless defending player pays {3} for each creature they control that's blocking it.
He was easily three times the size of Atarka herself, but the way he moved; his posture, conjured the image of a mighty emperor, not a ravenous beast.
last 2018-06-27 12:55:30 by SecretInfiltrator
Enchantment – Aura

Enchant Creature

Enchanted Creature’s power and toughness become 0/1.
“Attempting to fight me is both futile and pointless, not to mention painful.” Zorkh Volga
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2018-06-27 10:00:27 by Tahazzar
Gain control of target creature or planeswalker. Its owner gains life equal to its converted mana cost.
“So, have we come to an agreement, planeswalker?” -Zorkh Volga
Creature – Vedalken Wizard

Hexproof (This creature can't be the target of spells or abilities your opponents control.)
We enforce the Ur-Tsar’s decrees, so that all will be as it should be.
Creature – Dragon

{r}: Atarka Broodling gains +1/+0 until end of turn.

{g}: Atarka Broodling gains trample until end of turn.
“Sholya was the only dragon I would ever call a friend. Babaya ate him because he wasn’t ‘fearsome enough’ for Atarka’s brood. ” -Jinn Yasava
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2018-06-26 15:35:45 by Tahazzar

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On Awesome Presence:

I actually recall suggesting this as white-blue evasion variant making the case just like Tahazzar.

It's not even a terrible name/card.

On Awesome Presence:

It's an oooold reprint though (from 1996) that has never before been reprinted, which kind of speaks for itself when it comes to weird name and how it might feel mechanically 'off'. Conditional evasion in general seems pretty fitting for {u} though, even if it uses taxing, which is kind of a {w} thing.

On Awesome Presence:

Its a reprint. Wizards beat me to the card name, but I liked the effect for the deck, so I included it.

On Awesome Presence:

Given the name; why not just grant menace? The ability feels white rather than blue.

On Debilitate:

Enchanted creature has base power and toughness 0/1.

Pretty much Illusory Wrappings with flash. This could be mono-{u}, but I don't really feel the ability strictly falls into that color and the other two colors feel really appropriate.

On Atarka Broodling:

It already has reliable evasion in flying so it having a conditional ability that gives it trample adds little IMO.

Doesn't really justify the greeness that well, but whatever. ¯_(ツ)_/¯

On Zorkh Volga, Elder Dragon:

Not sure if that was sarcasm or not, Vitenka ;)

The +2 is only meant to put 3 counters down. Needs an “up to” i guess?

On Zorkh Volga, Elder Dragon:

Ok; THAT is an ultimate. And now I want to see someone flashing in some horrendous thing to make you lose after activating it :)

Is that +2 really meant to throw up to nine +1/+1 counters on your stuff though? Because wow. Or is it meant to be 3 total? Which is still pretty wow, actually.

And the middle one is "Huh, you know what? Ermakul." which is also ridiculous.

Yup; this is sure an appropriately 8-cost mythic legend.

On Zorkh Volga, Elder Dragon:

First ability is supposed to be a slightly stronger proliferate (in that the counters don’t need to be present). Wasn’t sure exactly how to word it to be less confusing.

Dropped the numbers because yeah, scaling was too high.

On Zorkh Volga, Elder Dragon:

The middle ability makes sense only being used once. Which is more of an ultimate thing.

The first ability is far too confusing.

Do the numbers need to be that high?

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