GDS3 Trial 3: Design Test

GDS3 Trial 3: Design Test by amuseum

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2 commons, 3 uncommons, 3 rares, 2 mythics

9 multicolour, 1 hybrid

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Submit your designs and add them to skeleton. Please do not modify other user's cards or skeleton table entries.

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GDS3 Trial 3: Design Test:

Keep all test submissions in orderly skeleton. Browse the skeleton to quickly keep track of all users' submissions.

Design Test Criteria

For Trial 3, the design test, you will need to design ten cards that meet the following criteria:

  1. All the cards will be two-color and each of the ten two-color combinations need to be represented.
  2. Each of the following five card types (creature, enchantment, instant, planeswalker and sorcery) needs to be represented twice, and never on the same color.
  3. Each rarity (common, uncommon, rare, and mythic rare) must be represented on at least two cards.
  4. Do not to make new named keyword/ability word mechanics. (You could write things out as long as you didn't name them.) The only mechanics you should use are evergreen (flying, first strike, haste, etc.) or deciduous mechanics (hybrid, double-faced cards, split cards, etc.). You are not allowed to use old block keyword/ability word mechanics.
  5. Cards are being graded in a vacuum, meaning the designs don't have to have a relevance to one another.

How to extend skeleton

Add your custom designs by adding (ten) new lines to the skeleton. Do not edit or delete other users' lines.

Users' abbreviations

Choose a 3+ letter abbreviation to represent you. Use that 3-letters for your cards' codes. Then return to edit this front page, here, and add your name and abbreviation to the list below:

-AMU = Amuseum

Skeleton Fields

Field 1: Code

Each user should submit exactly 10 cards, thus 10 unique codes that must not collide with other users' codes. Thus suggest use your 3-letter abbreviation as part of your cards' code. For example, here are Amuseum's 10-card codes that you may not reuse:


Field 2: User

For clarity, the second field in the skeleton is for your full user name. Do this for all ten of your cards. For example, Amuseum.

Field 3: Rarity

A criterium of this test is to design cards for each rarity. Thus, for clarity, this field should be filled by a single letter that represent each card's rarity. Designated like so:

C = common
U = uncommon
R = rare
M = mythic rare

Field 4: Colors

A criterium of this test is to design cards for every color pair. Thus, for clarity, this field should be filled by two letters for each cards colors. Designated like so:

W = white
U = blue
B = black
R = red
G = green

Field 5: Type

A criterium of this test is to design two cards for these five card types: creature, enchantment, instant, planeswalker and sorcery. Thus, for clarity, this field should be filled with each card's type.

Field 6: Notes

The last field you can fill in any notes and short description for each of your cards.

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Enchantment – Scene
(This enters with 5 destiny counters. Scenes can be attacked and damaged. Damage to this removes that many destiny counters. If this has no destiny counters, sacrifice it.)

At the beginning of your upkeep, you may pay {w}. If you do, create a 1/1 white Human creature token.

{2}{g}, Remove X destiny counters from Battle for Thraben: Look at the top X cards of your library. Reveal up to one creature card from among them and put it into your hand. Put the rest on the bottom of your library in any order.
Legendary Creature – Giant Soldier
Whenever a creature enters under your control, it deals 1 damage to target opponent.

Whenever you cast a noncreature spell with converted mana cost 4 or greater, return up to one target creature card with converted mana cost 3 or less from your graveyard to the battlefield.
Artifact Creature – Gnome Rogue
Clockwork Spy enters with two +1/+1 counters on it.

{1}{b}, Discard a card: Put a +1/+1 counter on Clockwork Spy.

Whenever Clockwork Spy deals combat damage to a player, draw a card and remove a +1/+1 counter from it.
1 comment
2020-07-15 09:11:53 by Vitenka
Planeswalker – Brathar
+1: Mill a card. If it's a land card, you may put it into your hand.
-3: Each creature gets -3/-3 until end of turn.
-6: You get an emblem with "you may play land cards and creature cards from your graveyard".
1 comment
2018-02-17 01:54:38 by amuseum
Each player sacrifices a creature, then gains life equal to the toughness of the creature they sacrificed this way.

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On Clockwork Spy:

Yow. This is horribly expensive to charge up.

On the flip side; it doesn't wind-down unless it gets through? That's unusual for a clock-work. Feels odd to me.

On Elusion:

Good question. When they were looking for a UR mechanic before prowess, they said they were looking for something other than an evasion mechanic, because U already had several, and R at least had some. But maybe they were wrong, that does seem to play somewhat differently, and it has many of the same benefits as prowess, without most of the problems. I'm quite interested, I'd like to try it.

On Elusion:

Potentially a new (better? simpler?) evergreen mechanic for {u}{r} than Prowess. see issues with Prowess. Mainly, I don't get why Izzet is the guild that gets preferential treatment for +1/+1.

  • Elusion is a static ability.
  • Homage to Red's "Target creature with power 2 or less can't be blocked this turn."

Elusion ability is already printed on Elusive Spellfist.

On Procedural Generation:

Oh, with that name, I was expecting it to be about this:

The card itself is a quite a bit better than Flow of Ideas since you rammed Beacon of Creation into it. It looks fine though as long as one can't run a deck full of Forest-Island duals.

On Brathar, Lifer from Loam :

Brathar is a Treefolk planeswalker. His colors are {b}{g}, and his element is rebirth. He specializes in decay, rebirth, and sifting.

On Zefei, the East Gust:

Zefei is a Bird planeswalker. Her colors are {w}{u}, and her element is air. She specializes in bounce magic, flying creatures, and scrying.

On Zefei, the East Gust:

I could certainly see this existing. Flavour text should be "Abracadabra!" :)

On Zefei, the East Gust:

Having a plus loyalty ability on a 5 CMC walker generating two evasive threats feels really pushed to me.

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