Untitled Snow Set: Races

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Untitled snow plane is inhabited by five characteristic enemy-color races. Capital letter is the 'primary' color in terms of mechanical identity, lower-case is secondary color:

Wr - Dwarf Good ol' dwarves! They are orderly and civilized. Not artificers this time. They live outside the mountain, but in buildings made of stones cut from them.

Ru - Rune-Warded Viashino Though they are cold-blooded lizard men, a naturally occurring warding on these viashino protects them against extreme cold. Territorial, magically attuned. They tend to establish colonies around fumaroles.

Bw - Vindigo Inspired by wendigo of folklore, vindigo are not quite zombies but do have cannibalistic tendencies. Solitary scavengers.

Gb - Kudzoan Relentlessly opportunistic, prolific plant-based humanoids. They spread like the kudzu after which they are named, despite the harsh climate.

Ug - Undine Not quite merfolk, not quite elemental. River dwellers who steer the floes of mana to ensure the land lives through the coldest seasons.

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