"Underwater set (color changing)"

"Underwater set (color changing)" by Tahazzar

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A quick concept for an underwater set where color (changing) matters.

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Attacking creature gets +2/+0 until end of turn.
Raise the red tide. (Until end of turn, all spells and permanents are red and all lands are Mountains in addition to their other types.)
last 2021-02-27 07:18:17 by zzo38
Singe deals 1 damage to target creature. That creature becomes black until end of turn.
Burnt flesh. Blackened soul.
last 2017-12-04 16:36:29 by Mal
Creature – Crocodile
Whenever Primordial Carnivor attacks, choose a color. Primordial Carnivor must be blocked by a creature of that color this turn if able.
As long as Primordial Carnivor is untapped, it has hexproof.
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2017-12-04 16:35:20 by Mal
Creature – Octopus
When "Buoyant Deppler" enters the battlefield, choose a color. Target creature gains aversion from that color until end of turn. (It can’t be blocked or targeted by anything of that color.)
Creature – Skeleton Merfolk
Aversion from nonblack (This creature can't be blocked or targeted by anything that is not black.)
Deepsea Merfolk can’t block.

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On Drop of Blood:

The set should come with rules defining all keyword actions and keyword abilities and stuff, so that would mention explicitly and precisely what it does.

It is true the reminder text is a bit unclear, but perhaps adding "(only)" after "red" would help if it is supposed to remove existing non-red colors. Explaining this in the rules with additional text also helps.

On Drop of Blood:

I wish this said "colors and types" because it is really not intuitive that this overwrites colors, but just adds subtypes.

That said of all the cards that are flavored around blood in the water this custom keyword action certainly elevates this one above the rest on terms of flavor.

On Drop of Blood:

Thankfully I think you've misread this, jmg. It says "In addition to their other types".

On Drop of Blood:

I like the theme of color-changing, and am a big fan of what this card is supposed to be doing.

That said, if you cast this spell during (some) opponents' upkeep, this effectively says "Target player can't cast spells this turn." Alternatively, cast this during the attack step, then on your second main phase, your spells can't be countered.

Maybe that isn't a problem on just one card. But on a mechanic printed at common? You might be able to get one threat out and just keep raising the red tide on your opponent for five turns, dropping them to 5 life before they cast their first spell.

On Singe:

Name seems a little odd in an underwater set. But if you do want to keep it as a reprint, the flavor text should change from "Burnt flesh" to "Burnt fish", at the very least.

RE: Iamur; I love the set, and I like the use of color replacing normal evasion abilities, but getting married too close to the color-matters theme also might tread on Shadowmoor/Eventide grounds. Iamur did a good job of making it a semi-primary focus with the other themes of the set. Interested in seeing what other mechanics will be accompanying color-matters.

On Primordial Carnivor:

River reptilians mingling with deep sea aquatic life aside, I think you meant "Carnivore"?

On "Underwater set (color changing)":

Yes. Actually this started as an idea to 'combine' Iamur and Aenyr sets.

On "Underwater set (color changing)":

Are you familiar with Iamur? It's an underwater set with a color matters theme and Fish tokens that are all colors.

I have worked on a tribute set with assymetric colors like the linked Mersalen as well, so I'm curious.

On "Underwater set (color changing)":
On Singe:
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