"Underwater set (color changing)"

"Underwater set (color changing)" by Tahazzar

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A quick concept for an underwater set where color (changing) matters.

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Singe deals 1 damage to target creature. That creature becomes black until end of turn.
Burnt flesh. Blackened soul.
last 2017-12-04 16:36:29 by Mal
Creature – Crocodile
Whenever Primordial Carnivor attacks, choose a color. Primordial Carnivor must be blocked by a creature of that color this turn if able.
As long as Primordial Carnivor is untapped, it has hexproof.
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2017-12-04 16:35:20 by Mal
Attacking creature gets +2/+0 until end of turn.
Raise the red tide. (Until end of turn, all spells and permanents are red and all lands are Mountains in addition to their other types.)
Creature – Octopus
When "Buoyant Deppler" enters the battlefield, choose a color. Target creature gains aversion from that color until end of turn. (It can’t be blocked or targeted by anything of that color.)
Creature – Skeleton Merfolk
Aversion from nonblack (This creature can't be blocked or targeted by anything that is not black.)
Deepsea Merfolk can’t block.

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On Singe:

Name seems a little odd in an underwater set. But if you do want to keep it as a reprint, the flavor text should change from "Burnt flesh" to "Burnt fish", at the very least.

RE: Iamur; I love the set, and I like the use of color replacing normal evasion abilities, but getting married too close to the color-matters theme also might tread on Shadowmoor/Eventide grounds. Iamur did a good job of making it a semi-primary focus with the other themes of the set. Interested in seeing what other mechanics will be accompanying color-matters.

On Primordial Carnivor:

River reptilians mingling with deep sea aquatic life aside, I think you meant "Carnivore"?

On "Underwater set (color changing)":

Yes. Actually this started as an idea to 'combine' Iamur and Aenyr sets.

On "Underwater set (color changing)":

Are you familiar with Iamur? It's an underwater set with a color matters theme and Fish tokens that are all colors.

I have worked on a tribute set with assymetric colors like the linked Mersalen as well, so I'm curious.

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On Singe:
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