Spira (Final Fantasy X): Draft Archetypes

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-Primary Archetypes-

­{w}{b} Hymn - Sacrifice enchantments for extra bonuses and recurring combat tricks for value. See Djose Lightning-Keeper, Fayth's Protection, Last Impetus

­{b}{g} Unsent - Use cards with Unsent to generate massive value by constantly recurring dying creatures. See Corpse Funguar, Demonolith, Macalania Gel.

­{g}{u} Summoners and Aeons - Many of your cards will help dig through your library to find strong cards for your deck. Aeons will shuffle themselves into your library once defeated, ensuring that you will always have something to tutor. See Summoner's Pilgrimage, Luca Adept, Forgotten Aeon.

­{u}{r} Artifacts - Al Bhed and Salvage will help you reuse and recycle artifacts to get a steady flow of resources. See Machina Scouter, Ruin Diver, Scout the Landing.

­{r}{w} Blitz - Make use of ETB effects and constant attacks to apply pressure to your enemy. Use Blitz to save key creatures for another attack later on. See Aurochs Fielder, Retired Coach, Mi'ihen Fang.

-Overarching Themes-

­{w}{b}{g} - Sacrifice Pyreflies, get Pyreflies.

­{b}{g}{u} - Gain massive card advantage by recurring fiends and tutoring for large aeons.

­{g}{u}{r} - Colorless matters. Control as many nonland colorless permanents as possible.

­{u}{r}{w} - Use Blitz cards in tandem with aggressive artifacts to apply lots of pressure on your enemy.

­{r}{w}{b} - Recur Combat Tricks and Auras on aggressive creatures.

-Unexplicitly Supported Archetypes-

­{w}{u} - Flying Tempo. See Divebeak and Excommunicate.

­{u}{b} - Mill Control. See Wander the Cloister and Harsh Revelation.

­{b}{r} - Unsent Aggro

­{r}{g} - Ramp w/ Aeons

­{g}{w} - Summoners & Guardians

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