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Are you aware of the other "water" sets?

Ie. "Mersalen" at MSE forums and Iamur.

This is a post I threw on the mersalen flavor hideout thread that is somewhat applicable here also:


Blueburst certainly changes the dynamic of how the set is (going to be) build and flood is "okay" I guess. They are serviceable, I don't know whether either of them feel "necessary" as in "this is the perfect/only place to use them". I think players would expect some kind of tide mechanic or so for example.

Name kind of indicates this is a part of some block with aspect for like each of the colors or something? Is a third party thing? Is this more underwater or just "water" themed? Like, are there pirates or something? I personally don't care about pirates in an underwater set.

Ugh. Too many questions.

It seems it i about time I work through my ToDo-list and start throwing up some pages regarding flavors, mechanics and co. :)

I am aware of Iamur which IIRC went through a transition from underwater (Merfolk & Fish) to surface (Pirates) of a single world.

The concept of this set (and its siblings) is of a world that is basically a single large ocean with most of its affairs occuring under the surface.

There will be some surface cards (to get some flying into the set) but most things won't need ships since they evolved on an aquatic world and are well enough adapted to life there that they are at the least amphibean. So if there are pirates (which I have no plans for) then they are going to be definitely not the Ramirez DePietro kind and more Sygg, River Cutthroat and Inkfathom Infiltrator waylaying the currents.

There is a plan to have further "Aspect" sets based on planes that are in a balance that appears skewed towards the color pie.

The whole concept is heavily developed from a long-abandoned set of posts made by another user. I'll go into details as I work through my checklist.

For now a page regarding the Creative is up.

Thanks for the comments - they help guide me towards what aspects of the set creation to tackle next. :)

FWIW, I'm liking the flavour you posted.

Those quotes on the creative page are nice.

I'm (still) not sold on flood being the mechanic to sell the "waterworld". Also, now that I picture it in my head, it needs some serious supports from other cards to work properly. For example, in top-deck mode it doesn't do anything. I think only storm has the same quality to it which is not surprising considering how similar it is to it.

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