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Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

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Creature – Spirit
Remove all charge counters on every permanent.
Begone machines!
last 2017-08-17 11:59:37 by Tahazzar
Legendary Artifact Creature – Mech
Rusty, the Rusty Robot costs {4} less if you control no artifacts.
Rusty enters the battlefield tapped.
Rusty does not untap in the untap phase.
1 comment
2017-08-17 07:12:58 by SecretInfiltrator
Remove X charge counters from your permanents. Deal X damage to target creature.
1 comment
2017-08-17 07:00:40 by SecretInfiltrator
Reconstruct 1
{t}: Add 1 mana of any color to your mana pool. Activate this ability only if Dusty Desert has at least 3 charge counters.
Creature – Insect
Sacrifice Steel Eating Bug: Remove two charge counters from target permanent.

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On Nature's Will:

When does the effect trigger? On ETB?

Specifically hosing charge counters seems a bit lame to (parasitic). For example, Aether Snap (and the two other similar {b} cards) removes counters of all types and Melira's Keepers can't have counters of any type be placed on it.

On Nature's Will:

Considering you already have the bugs you have a high ratior of charge counter hate to charge counter love.

On Rusty, the Rusty Robot:

Your legendary artifacts really don't like you controlling artifacts.

This has far too many drawbacks for a 3/3 for {2}.

On Spark:

Look! It's Harnessed Lightning.

You can learn something from that card. It only works as a spell because it comes with its own baseline damage.

On Trial By Fire:

The "4 plus X" is so inelegant so I would rather get rid of it one way or another. It's perhaps a bit of a bend, but I would go with just

Trial by Fire {x}{r}
Sorcery (R)
~ deals X damage to target creature. At the beginning of the next end step, if that creature is still on the battlefield, put X +1/+1 counters on it.

Somewhat similar to those flowstone effects.

I changed it to a delayed trigger since it's hard to determine whether the creature survives or would survive the damage. State-based effects aren't checked until the effect has fully resolved I think or something like that.

On Quicksilver Archive:

Scry 2 every two turns. It's not bad - it's pretty decent, in fact - but I'd normally rather have Crystal Ball.

On Goblin Bombards:

Hmm. 2 damage now and every 2 turns. That looks like a nice tweak on Honden of Infinite Rage (1 damage every turn). Reminds me of Arc Blade, which was 2 damage every 3 turns (and which I loved, mainly due to the interactions with things like Jhoira's Timebug and Paradox Haze).

Again, if this was using charge counters so I could combo with Coretapper/Energy Chamber, I'd be in love with this card.

Like Spidersilk Nets, the name is a bit too close to a printed card, Goblin Bombardment.

On Grim Idol:

Hm. This one doesn't look as good as Automech Foundry. Normally the opponent will choose to lose 2 life every other turn, so this effectively costs the opponent one life per turn, similar to Pillory of the Sleepless or Curse of Wizardry. Except they can choose to treat it as if it were half a Honden of Night's Reach or half a The Abyss instead.

It basically looks like a lot of busywork for not much reward.

On Automech Foundry:

Ooh, nifty. Make a 2/2 now and every 2 turns from now on. Reminds me of Sporoloth Ancient, which is a 4/4 now and a 1/1 every 2 turns from now on.

I'd prefer it if the counters were called "charge" counters rather than "usage". "Charge" isn't the most flavourful counter name ever, but "usage" is even less flavourful, and charge counters have things like Power Conduit and Coretapper to synergise.

On Spidersilk Nets:

Mechanics where you have to put a counter on even once it probably stops mattering are mildly problematic.

It's interesting. It's kind of a finisher, and it's kind of defensive. Probably not a main-deck card in most sets, but nice.

Not sure why this specific ability needs to be able to happen repeatably though. Just as a threat it's nice.

And I assume it's meant to have UEOT on that last ability?

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