Wastes of Kranjara

Wastes of Kranjara by Lavaridge

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Set 2 of 2 of Kranjara Block

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Creature – Leviathan
Thawing 10 (This creature enters the battlefield with 10 -1/-1 counters on it. At the beginning of your upkeep remove a -1/-1 counter from this creature.)
Remove 3 -1/-1 counters from Ice Breaker Leviathan: Counter target spell or ability targeting Ice Breaker Leviathan. Acitivate this ability only once each turn.
As long as Ice Breaker Leviathan has no -1/-1 counters on it, Ice Breaker Leviathan has trample.
Illus. ruth_tay
Exile target card from your graveyard. Search your library for a card that shares a card type with the exiled card, reveal it, then put it into your hand. Then shuffle your library.
Illus. mitamisu
Enchantment – Storm
Tempest 6 (At the beginning of your upkeep put a tempest counter on Electric Cat Storm. Then if Electric Cat Storm has 6 or more tempest counters on it remove them and Electric Cat Storm unleashes.)
Whenever Electric Cat Storm unleashes create 2 6/1 Elemental Cat creature tokens with trample and haste.
A catastrophe when combined with water.
Illus. blackmystica
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2017-02-25 18:56:31 by Vitenka
Enchantment – Storm
Tempest 7 (At the beginning of your upkeep put a tempest counter on Appeasement to the Great Ones. Then if Appeasement to the Great Ones has 7 or more tempest counters on it remove them and Appeasement to the Great Ones unleashes.)
Sacrifice a creature: Put a Tempest counter on Appeasement to the Great Ones.
Whenever Appeasement to the Great Ones unleashes, until end of turn you may play cards from your graveyard, and if a card would be put into your graveyard from anywhere, exile it instead.
Illus. thegryph

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On Electric Cat Storm:

Lovely art, loverly name - doesn't actually have the storm mechanic which is a shame. And, uh, only goes off 6 turns after you play it; so is basically a dead card. Shame.

On Thonjaran Huntress:

Cool card, I like the vengeance mechanic. Why don't you add it to your mechanics page? Are there more reasons to play tribal, like lord like effects or a shared theme?

On Icetreader's Elixar:

Huh, nifty. It's... Terrarion, but giving you 2 life instead of one of the mana. Hm, OK, so I'd rather have Terrarion.

On Slippery Grozzath:

Suggested wording: "When the last -1/-1 counter is removed from ~, each creature..."

On Savage Contest:

+4/+4 before fight? That seems too pushed, too much like unconditional removal.

On Bloodclan Mistress:

Shaman tribal? Sure; why not.

Interesting that it powers down, before it pops. Though I guess as it's 0/3 to begin with, it's not really actually powering down.

On Incarnation of Dreams:

Feels solid. Interesting interplay of effects once you need to start topping up the wizards in your graveyard too.

On The Great Wastes:

It's reminiscent of the Mercadian Masques depletion lands, Peat Bog and cycle. Those were a bit too good in aggro decks. This is better in the long game in that it doesn't deplete, but you can't get mana from it two turns in a row, and has the very sensible downgrades of being legendary and only making colourless mana.

Yes, this looks exciting without being broken. Very nice.

On The Great Wastes:

Huh. Really only a land that taps for {1}. But it does make your curve pleasingly lumpy though - assuming you drop one on turn 1... 0, 3, 2, 5. Yeah; I can see sometimes that's a thing I'd really want.

Nice bit of design space you've found!

On Detain Under Ice:

­Isolation Zone seems like a much more apt comparison. That was a super good card, and this is a mana more for a little more flexibility. This is already plenty texty for common, it shouldn't have any additional effects or complexity -- I'd recommend keeping exactly as is if the set wants an O-Ring effect at common.


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