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33 green, 1 artifact, 1 land

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Supposed to be something like Mt. Battle, but for MTG. Obviously I'll never finish.

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­Level 1 - Garden
­Level 2 - Casino
­Level 3 - Cellar
­Level 4 - Aquarium

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Exile all creature cards from target opponent's graveyard. For each card exiled this way, create a 1/1 black Rat creature token with Plague 1 (When this creature dies, each opponent loses 1 life and puts that many cards from the top of his her library into his or her graveyard.).
When Constrained Bonds enters the battlefield, each player chooses two colors.
Whenever a player adds colored mana to his or her mana pool that isn't one of the colors that player chose, Constrained Bonds deals 1 damage to that player for each mana added.
Creature – Human Shaman
When Backblast Shaman enters the battlefield, choose target spell. That spell's controller may choose to exile it. If he or she doesn't, Backblast Shaman deals damage to that player equal to the spell's converted mana cost.
"Don't make a play you aren't willing to commit to." – Finch
Enchantment – Curse
Enchant opponent
Enchanted opponent can't gain life. At the beginning of enchanted player's upkeep, each artifact that opponent controls deals 2 damage to him or her.
Sacrifice an artifact: Add {1} to your mana pool. Only the enchanted opponent can activate this ability.
Target opponent chooses three -
• Rage Echoes deals 2 damage to him or her.
• Rage Echoes deals 2 damage to him or her.
• Rage Echoes deals 2 damage to him or her.
• Creatures you control get +2/+0 until end of turn.
• Creatures without flying can't block this turn.
• Return Rage Echoes to its owner's hand.
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2017-08-27 22:31:55 by Vitenka

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On Rage Echoes:

Nice idea; but it doesn't fit on a card.

On Goblin Exorcist:

I don't know, this is mostly me experimenting. I'm still trying to come up with some sideboard cards for the Level 2 red deck that aren't anti-lifegain.

Edit: I agree that this card, as it is, is pretty inane. It's relevant against, what, Worship?

On Goblin Exorcist:

Anti-white enchantment hate? That seems uselessly niche

Actually, worse. This seems like the kind of card where even if it was a 3/3, people wouldn't play it unless an opponent had the white enchantment, so it's doubly bad

On Goblin Exorcist:

I talked with my gal Jaya and we agree with Goblin Exorcist: Burning down houses reduces the amount of haunted houses reliably and expeditiously. (Possible side effects include a local increase in haunted ruins of burned down houses, new hauntings by fire-themed poltergeists, smoke etc.)

Though: Are such specific colorhosers really something we (as designers and players) still want these days anymore?

On Choice of Immolations:

Love this

On Capricious Burst:

It looks like an interesting adjustment on Blazing Salvo until you realize it's "just" a strictly worse Flame Slash.

On Level 2 - Casino:

On the second floor, the elevator doors open to reveal a long row of slot machines. You can't see anyone there, but the machines seem to be producing a cacophony of ringing, chiming, and coin-spitting sounds all on their own. For a moment, you do a double take. Subconsciously, your brain processes the length of the elevator trip, the tall glass ceiling of the previous floor, and the red carpet on this floor, and notices that something is slightly off.

As with the previous floor, you step out of the lift, and wander ahead to look for your opponent. You pass by a variety of tables and machines representing a wide selection of games of chance; there's even a modest-sized stage, with nearby posters advertising a schedule of special events. However, there's certainly no one around to watch or perform right now. As you walk the sounds of chiming and clinking continue to echo through the massive venue.

Eventually, you come to a small, green table at the end of the walkway where a man wearing a pretentious-looking cowboy hat is seated. As you approach, he snaps his fingers, and the sounds of the slot machines come to an abrupt halt. "Sit down," he gestures. "Are you concerned that our match will come down to some banal display of coin-flipping or dice-rolling, based on where we are?" He shakes his head and laughs. "Not more than in a regular game of cards, anyways."

"Look around you, at all of the different tables and machines here. You might see this as a multitude of choices, but in reality, all the choices lead down the same road" - he pauses briefly, as he pulls his deck out from under his hat - "the house always wins."

Deck: Pick your Poison
Pilot: Finch
Creatures [23]
2 Volatile Myr
3 Corenton Bloodrager
4 Powderbloom
3 Savage Neonate
3 Stygian Mutt
3 Corenton Bouncer
2 Corenton Stone-Thrower
3 Pyretic Dragon

Instants/Sorceries [13]
3 Capricious Burst
4 Open Fire
2 Rage Echoes
3 Choice of Immolations
1 Fire Axes

Lands [24]
24 Mountain

2 Kindled Fury
3 Nullspeaker Shaman
2 Curse of Magnetism
3 Backblast Shaman
2 Constrained Bonds
2 Leyline of Punishment

On Squirrel Catapult Militia:

I like the use of 'creature' as a verb; similar to summon? B but I think current tech would disagree and call it a typo :)

Anyhow; got here from the garden, and approve. The world need more squirrel flinging.

On Level 1 - Garden:
On Ambush Mosstodon Mk.III:

III-tier upgrade for Ambush Mosstodon Mk.II.

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