Erendale Block B

Erendale Block B by KeresAcheron

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An all hybrid-gold set with LOTR flavour. WU+UR+RB+BG+GW

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On Erendale Block B (reply):

Second set to Rings of Erendale

This a hybrid Tolkien themed set. It focuses on the WU-UR-RB-BG-GW color pairs.

Side block is Sharn which focuses on the color pairs. Set 1) and Set 2

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Create X 1/1 green and white Kithkin Scout creature tokens named Halfing Ranger.
Creature – Dwarf Warrior
1 comment
2017-04-13 11:44:48 by KeresAcheron
Creature – Dwarf Warrior
(conditional way of losing defencer, in progress)
1 comment
2017-04-13 11:39:39 by KeresAcheron
Legendary Creature – Dwarf Rogue
(), Dwarf () can't be blocked, except by creatures with skulk or defender.
Whenever () deals combat damage to a player, exile the top card of that players library. Until end of turn, you may play that card.
1 comment
2017-04-13 11:35:44 by KeresAcheron
Creature – Orc Berserker
1 comment
2017-04-10 14:07:20 by KeresAcheron

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On (Vanilla 3/4):
On (Dwarven Mine Guards):
On (), Dwarf ():
On ('Helms Deep Orc Berserker'):

­Rotting Fensnake stats are something both colours are allowed to get access to on a vanilla. (Even if its been downplayed in black to seperate black from red.)

On "smaug' (in prog):

­Hellkite Tyrant establishes red is allowed to steal artifacts.

On RH33:
  • Note: white can reanimate permanents, blue can regrow them, black and blue can both play instant or sorceries in graveyard.
  • Elvish forge master; can tutor enchantments/equipments/auras?
On 'Return + Wither]:
On ''(Name in Prog)":

Yes it was deliberate. It also makes the spell more white appropriate and avoid power creep. Thanks for commenting.

On ''(Name in Prog)":

Technically, both those spells counter spells that target your permanents, not spells that target your creature. Maybe you want to restrict the targets when you add hybrid, though. If that was a deliberate choice, I get it.

On ''(Name in Prog)":

­Rebuff the Wicked + Turn Aside. A minor bleed for white but feels acceptable.

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