Abrahamic by Lycodrake

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Set based on Abrahamic mythology and religions.

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Creature – Angel Beast
Flash, Flying, Vigilance

When Instinctual Cherub enters the battlefield: up to two target creatures gain Indestructible or Hexproof until end of turn.

Instinctual Cherub can block an additional three creatures.
Token Creature – Fallen Angel
Legendary Creature – Arch Angel
Holy Legion – {2}{g/w} (You may exile another Angel card in your hand and pay Gabriel's Holy Legion cost to cast him instead his casting cost.)
Flying, Protection from creatures
When Gabriel enters the battlefield, two other target creatures you control gain +X/+0 where X is one of the target creature's power and +0/+Y where Y is the other target creature's toughness.
Creature – Cleric
When Dark Thaumaturge enters the battlefield, put a 4/3 black and white Fallen Angel creature token with flying onto the battlefield. You lose 3 life and each opponent gains 3 life.
Creature – Unicorn
All creatures able to block Shadhavar do so.

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