"Enchantment Mirrodin" (On Hold)

"Enchantment Mirrodin" (On Hold) by KeresAcheron

39 cards in Multiverse

21 commons, 4 uncommons, 13 rares, 1 mythic

9 white, 11 blue, 7 black,
3 red, 6 green, 3 multicolour

20 comments total

Large set and is followed by small enchantment legions set.

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Destroy target non-enchantment, non-enchanted creature.
1 comment
2016-10-01 11:16:44 by KeresAcheron
Planeswalker – Ashiok
[]: Mill opponent
[]: Mill opponent then cast a creature, instant or sorcery spell exiled without paying its mana cost.
-X: Search for number non-number cards and exile them? You can play them from exile and spend mana to cast as though it were any color.
1 comment
2016-09-08 23:35:19 by KeresAcheron
Enchantment – Aura
Enchant Creature
Enchanted creature gets +8/+8 and has trample.
1 comment
2016-09-09 09:49:50 by KeresAcheron
Legendary Enchantment Creature – God
If your devotion to white and red is less than seven, Iroas, Triumph isn't a creature.
Creatures you control have Menace and "This creature can block an additional creature each combat".
last 2016-07-14 14:00:51 by KeresAcheron
Counter target enchantment, instant or sorcery spell.
1 comment
2016-07-14 14:05:27 by KeresAcheron

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On 'Destroy Material Existence':

­Victim of Night to justify power level. Flavour represents death and mundane decay bad against enchantments.

On Mythic Proportions *:

Reprint of Mythic Proportions from Onslaught Block.

On 'Ashiok, Nightmare Hybrid':

Part of Hybrid Planeswalker Megacycle. Hybrid Ashiok, Nightmare Weaver.

(Both blue and black get milling, both get to play instant or sorcery spells from opponents graveyard. Blue has Bribery and black has reanimation. Maybe power reducing small plus ability instead of an ultimate.

(maybe bring cost down to four. Should mill 4.

On 'Not Negate':

Plays differently than negate in a set with enchantment creatures. Also flavourfully instant, sorceries and enchantments thematically match as form of magic.

On Iroas, Triumph:

How are they a nonbo? They both make combat very difficult for your opponent, allowing you to effectively use a smaller number of creatures to match a larger amount. If your attacking all out the two-header won't come up but in a balanced racing situation they should work reasonably well together by preventing your opponent from giving up on defence and trying to out race you.

On Iroas, Triumph:

Menace and two-headed is a pretty bad nonbo.

On Iroas, Triumph:

Probably wants to have P/T of something. 2?

On Enchantress Cycle White:

Or "Whenever you cast an aura or equipment spell, draw a card".

On Damnation EC:
On RW03:
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