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These are the keyword mechanics from Sienira's Facets: Reminisce and Overpower.


Reminisce is a keyword ability on cards which functions in your hand and lets you get back cards from your graveyard.

"Reminisce [cost]" means "[cost], Exile this card from your hand: Return target card in your graveyard which shares a card type with this card to your hand."

So an artifact creature with "Reminisce 1W" lets you pay 1W and exile that artifact creature to return one target artifact or creature from your graveyard to your hand.

The set has a nice assortment of reminisce costs, based on the colours' existing abilities to recur cards: there are artifact creatures with Reminisce 1W, enchantment creatures and enchantment lands with Reminisce 1G, creatures with Reminisce 1B, and so on.

Green gets Nature's Spiral, so green reminisce costs of 1G on any permanent seemed fine. White recurs artifacts and enchantments all the time, and occasionally creatures though not usually to hand; I thought it was fine to let white reminisce any of these three types for 1W. Red digging up sorceries is obviously fine too, and 1R seems fine. Given Raise Dead it's obviously fine for black to reminisce creatures for 1B. Black getting sorceries is the most unusual, but I didn't think it was a real problem, but put the cost up to 2B. For blue recurring sorceries and instants I thought by comparison with Relearn I should put the cost higher at 1UU, even though that breaks the symmetry with all the other costs. And finally I thought I'd like to have an artifact that grants reminisce to all cards in your hand, but the cost probably needs to be pretty high. It's 4 at the moment, but I may try 3.


The set also wanted a combat mechanic, and the one I ended up with was Overpower.

"Overpower [cost]" means "[cost]: Target creature blocking this creature gets -1/-1 until end of turn."

It's a twist on Flanking, which costs to activate but can be activated multiple times. The set contains cards with overpower 3, 1B, 1R (with trample), 2G (with lure), 1G, and 1 (scary).

Updated on 15 Nov 2010