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Early drafts of the set felt like they were lacking focus as the mechanics were spread too thin. As a result, I've decided to lay down the following guiding principles for where the mechanics should appear.

Siphon {w}{u}{b}{r}{g} - All colours, but green/white creatures must not be druids

Discharge {u}{r} ({w/b}) - UR (Wizards) Primary, WB secondary, none in G

Infuse {w}{g} ({u/b}) - WG (Druids) Primary, UB secondary, none in R

Vanguard {r}{b} ({w/g}) - RB (Warriors) Primary, WG secondary, none in U

Survivor {u}{g} ({b/r}) - UG (scouts) Primary, BR secondary but no clerics with survivor

Lineage {w}{b} ({u}{r}{g}) - WB (clerics) Primary, all colours secondary

Cycling {w}{b}{r} ({u/g}) - WBR subtheme, UG permitted (especially for cycles)

If you come across a card which goes against this roadmap, flag it in a comment!

Updated on 25 Feb 2016 by morlor