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On the plane of Jyhelm each color has taken up the embrace of its enemy colors.

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Right now all of my cardsets are open, but please don't do anything unless you are JeanErique.

After reviewing my hybrids I realized that this set still requires a bit more tweaking. Once I have the mono-colored cards equal in number it will officially be done, and hopefully play-tested shortly after.

4/07/11 Finished!

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Summon – Leper
First Strike, Wither
"Even the sickly must put forth their effort for this dream, lest they bear the weight of treachery in addition to their ailments." -Trachol Bausahn
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2012-03-06 20:49:45 by Sorrow
Creature – Elephant Nomad
Creature – Plant
{1}{g}{g}: Regenerate Wilting Blossoms and put a 1/1 green saproling token into play.
1 comment
2011-02-16 03:27:54 by Camruth
Deal 4 damage to target creature your opponent controls, and 1 damage to each creature on the battlefield with less toughness than target creature.
Target player discards a card from his or her hand and then reveals the top card of his or her deck. If that card shares a card type with the discarded card, then put that card into its owner’s graveyard, and then repeat this process.
last 2011-02-16 10:35:26 by Alex

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On Barkrender:

­Become Immense and other delve friends.

On Battle for Leader:

Slightly confusing about when the counter goes on. (Could use an intervening 'then') But what a simple and lovely idea.

On Eaglevein Viashino:

That was what I intended. When I started the set I really didn't know how to properly template anything (and still don't for the most part).

On Eaglevein Viashino:

Should hierarchy only refer to each OTHER creature, though? A 6/5 for four that makes everything else 4 bigger is very powerful.

On Eaglevein Viashino:

I don't think I mentioned this when I first saw it; but I really like the Heirachy ability.

Quite like the bizarre lizard-rooster thingy too.

On Primal Rage:

If we're simplifying though: "Creatures trample" would be a nice wording on a full-image card.

On Primal Rage:

This is somewhat worse than the original Primal Rage... :P

On Swift Swordsman:

Nice: your choice of a Ballynock Cohort or a Wild Griffin.

On Eminent Sunlight:

Hee, the Forest ability now makes it like Mirror-Sigil Sergeant (which also provides an example of how to template that ability). A self-replicating army of 2/2 wither creatures is pretty good.

One problem: the name and art make it look like it flies, but it doesn't, not even if I control an Island.

On Elusive Ocelot:

I like the idea of it giving up its ability for a boost, but it could probably have a similar effect more simply. For instance, the "lose forestwalk" effect doesn't usually do anything, assuming that if you want to use forestwalk, you pump it after you attack. (And it'll usually be clear whether you want to attack as a 2/2 or a 1/1 forestwalk.)

But the idea of trading in shroud for a bonus is very interesting: when do you risk it and when don't you? Can it be tweaked somehow?

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