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CardName: Cityscape Night-Riders Cost: {5}{B} Type: Creature - Spirit Knight Pow/Tgh: 4/4 Rules Text: Flying, menace Flavour Text: Shutter the windows. Bar the doors. Whatever you do, don't go outside. Set/Rarity: Armageddon Uncommon

Cityscape Night-Riders
Creature – Spirit Knight
Flying, menace
Shutter the windows. Bar the doors. Whatever you do, don't go outside.
Updated on 18 Nov 2017 by ttt3142

Code: UB03

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2012-04-16 04:21:03: ttt3142 created the card Cityscape Night-Riders
2012-04-16 23:07:23: ttt3142 edited Cityscape Night-Riders
2017-10-16 23:14:26: ttt3142 edited Cityscape Night-Riders:

Replaced completely

2017-11-03 03:43:41: ttt3142 edited Cityscape Night-Riders:

Downshift to common, against my better judgment

Aye, it's a bit weird feeling at common as it can easily be a game-winner. Double evasion is somewhat redundant: I would imagine it functioning most of the time as though it had "can't be blocked".

Seems like a fine common top end to me, and at that stage of the game this will function much less like “reach, unblockable” than Sky Terror, though it is pretty hard to block.


I feel it's a little too strong. Generally common flyers don't get any bigger than 3/4; to date, there are only a handful of commons that are 4/4 flyers, and none of them are in modern border except Errant Ephemeron and Knight of Cliffhaven.

I'd feel much more comfortable with this at common with Tormented Soul text rather than flying & menace, but even then it's iffy.

This is first pickable. No way in hell it's appropriate for common.

You’d be pretty unhappy to first pick this in just about any limited format of the past decade. Maybe you could say that a 4 power flier is past some psychological boundary for fliers at common, but there’s definitely not a powerlevel issue with it at common.


Well, it turns out I cleared out an uncommon slot somewhere along the way, so this is going back there.

2017-11-17 03:40:50: ttt3142 edited Cityscape Night-Riders

This is pretty unexciting as an uncommon. Unexciting uncommons are allowed to exist, and plenty do in every set, but you could also make it 3BB now if you want.


While {3}{b}{b} would be okay I guess (depends on the general power level of the environment), {5}{b} has the 'added' advantage of being super splashable. As such, theoretically this might even work as a wincon for some hardcontrol deck that is just splashing {b}. That would not be feasible with a cost like {3}{b}{b} though it would make it otherwise more 'playable'.

Exciting or not, Air Elemental is a perfectly good limited card and menace and flying actually combine quite effectively and make this a card well worth the six mana.

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