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CardName: Contraband Lotus Cost: 3 Type: Artifact Pow/Tgh: / Rules Text: {T}, Sacrifice Contraband Lotus: Add three mana of any one color. Flavour Text: Set/Rarity: Name That Card Rare

Contraband Lotus
{t}, Sacrifice Contraband Lotus: Add three mana of any one color.
Updated on 19 Feb 2021 by jmgariepy

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2021-02-12 01:41:42: jmgariepy created the card Contraband Lotus

Welcome back! Just in case it didn't immediately occur to you, yes, this is a 'fixed' Black Lotus. And no, I don't know why Wizards hasn't printed it yet. My best guess is that it's possibly unsafe at {3}, but terrible at {4}, and Wizards didn't want to print a bad Lotus.

Your card name doesn't need to have the word 'Black' or 'Lotus' in the title. In fact, there's a good shot the vote won't go your way for being unoriginal. But... you know... people also like things that 'feel right'. And this does look like a variation on the Lotus...

I'll leave the naming up to you. ;)

2021-02-12 01:41:55: jmgariepy edited Contraband Lotus

Oh, also, on rarity. I'm a believer that Mythics should be splashy end cards, not utility cards that move us to the end. But if any card should be Mythic despite that rule, it's a Black Lotus variation.

Appropriate, but hard to use name: Sad clown 'wah wah waaaah' sound.

That's the one :)

Being more serious - if wizards actually made this, they'd probably use "Diamond" in the name, since that's their name for the no-longer-power-nine; Lion's Eye Diamond, Sky Diamond et al.

Annoyingly; there doesn't seem to be a name "Lotus Diamond" other than... exactly that. Which is a crap name. But searching famous diamonds finds me sun drops (which magic already used)... and the "Black Orlov"... So sure. Volro Diamond

Yeah, I don't quite know about the balance. I suspect that it may be in the "overpowered-underpowered" overlap where paying 3 mana and a card to get something expensive out next turn is just not that exciting, but that if you can do something clever with recurring it, it supports all the same combos as black lotus.

It COULD be called anything, but I do feel inexorably drawn to lotuses. What I want to do is have a reason why this isn't cheap, that feels interesting rather than nerfed, somehow. Let's try:

­Contraband Lotus

­Granite Lotus

To be honest, I think blowing round three to cast a perfect 7-cost on round four with relative consistency to be a potentially powerful choice on it's own merit. But it is, admittedly, difficult to be excited about the whole idea.

T1, Forest, Birds, T2, Mountain, lotus, T3, Forest, Ultimatum? :)

I think they tried to make the ultimatums not too broken if you cast then early. What's the best 7-cost target here? :) But you might not be casting much else this game There are a lot of really really bad 7-cost cards (Elder Land Wurm stands out). And a lot of "Well, it's reaosnably big and stompy but nothing special." And a lot of "Good, but not in this situation ones" (plenty of focussed-wraths - I'd pick Destructive Force it I had to); or things that also have a high activation cost.

­Chromatic Orrery maybe? Oooh, Eerie Ultimatum lets you... just keep on doing it. (Genesis Ultimatum is clearly the best of the early-cast ultimatums) Or kick off your Eye of the Storm at a silly early stage?

But I think I'd pick Form of the Dragon. It's both really fun and acually effective if you play it this early.

Doesn't cost 7, but my first response to this question is "Is Sundering Titan still a legal target?" That thing is nasty on round four (environment depending.)

You're right that Genesis Ultimatum is really good. There's already a presumption that you were playing other 7-drops in your deck, so your chances of hitting something big plus a few other doodads is pretty good. Plus if I whiffed and "only hit five lands" I'd still be pretty psyched.

2021-02-19 06:31:57: jmgariepy edited Contraband Lotus

Congratulations, Jack, on winning this week's challenge! See you all with (((NTC #059)))!

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