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A (sort of) contest for naming odd cards.

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At the end of combat, if exactly one creature you control dealt combat damage to a player, gain 4 life.
{x}, Exile X creatures in your graveyard: Create an X/X ? green creature token.
last 2021-09-21 17:52:04 by Jack V
Creature – Aetherborn Mercenary
When Scar-Taker enters the battlefield, create two Brand tokens. (They are artifacts with "{2}, {t}, Sacrifice this artifact: Put a -1/-1 counter on target creature. Activate this ability when you could cast a sorcery.")
At the end of turn, if you put a -1/-1 counter on Scar-Taker, draw a card and exile up to one target card in an opponent's graveyard.
last 2021-09-15 12:05:46 by Froggychum
Harvest — You may have Unsettling Ranch enter the battlefield tapped. If you do, create a Brand token (It's an artifact with "{2}, {t}, Sacrifice this artifact: Put a -1/-1 counter on target creature. Activate this ability when you could cast a sorcery.")
{t}: Untap target Swamp or Mountain.
last 2021-09-07 14:06:36 by Jack V
Creature – Plant Wall
Harvest (You may have Wall of Berries enter the battlefield tapped.)
When Wall of Berries enters the battlefield tapped, gain 2 life.
last 2021-08-18 22:49:33 by Froggychum
Colour indicator B Sorcery
X is equal to your life total as you cast this spell.
As long as you control a swamp, draw four cards.
last 2021-08-04 04:08:46 by jmgariepy

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On NTC #079:

Nice name!

­Dominance Display, Beast

On NTC #079:

Name - Shaman's Hoodoo

Art - A dutch angle, medium shot of a dark skinned middle-aged man (say late 50s early 60s, signs of graying) dressed in colorful robes and adornments (including feathered headgear and such). He is waving around a censer filled with incense of some kind. In the background, figures in colorful but poor clothing can be seen on their knees in prayer. The man has a serious but not grim expression on his face.

Small spirits are being drawn towards the smoke from the censer.

The setting is the jungle floor, with hints of a canopy village visible.

Creature type - Spirit

On NTC #079:

Originally triggered when the damage was dealt. But then it occurred to me that a single double strike creature could let you gain 8 life per turn that way. Thought about letting the bug be a feature, since double green is a hurdle for first strike by itself... but it's probably best to not cause arguments.

On NTC #079:

Welcome back to name that card! I've been enjoying spinning off the previous card, so that's what I was doing here. I rather liked the idea of "At the end of your turn, if you put a -1/-1 counter..." because it encouraged players to spread out their effects and not to dump all the counters at once. So I looked for another way to do that. Originally was going to make a card that said "...If you cast a spell..." but I guessed that was a little too close to the Werewolf ability to feel 'new', so I let that go.

Eventually, I landed on only one creature damaging an opponent in combat. The easiest way to achieve this, of course, is to only attack with one evasion creature. But even when dealing with a variety of different creatures on the attack, this can be an annoying card for your opponent to try to sidestep.

Likewise, I made sure to combine it with an ability that could be used to make one giant creature, but is just as reasonable to be used to make a bunch of small creatures, or maybe a variety of creatures. And for the second ability to be useful, you need to be capable of dumping creatures in your graveyard. I can be a stinker when it comes to deck stress mechanics. ;p

But what is the name of this card? And what's the creature type it is making?

On Scar-Taker:

Hurray :)

On Scar-Taker:

Froggy wins this week with Scar-Taker. There isn't enough room for the flavor text, but I'm going to presume there's an alternate art version floating around out there with no reminder text and the flavor text added. ;)

See everybody in NTC #079!

On Scar-Taker:

Right under the wire. ;)

Polls are up! Choose your favorite name here!

On Scar-Taker:

Adding a third poll option before time runs out:

Name: Branding Demon

Creature: Demon Warlock

On Scar-Taker:

Ooh, that concept is very moving!

I'll try:

­Rakdos Painmonger
Creature - Minotaur Rogue
Art: Big back alley Minotaur wearing sleeveless leather jacket. Covered in dramatic and painful looking tattoos, piercings, and branding scars. Weilding equipment to inflict same. Vibe of "let's see if I get broke or bored first"
Flavour text: "it sounds much less scary in French"

On Unsettling Ranch:

That IS unsettling!

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