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CardName: Might of The Mausoleum Cost: bg Type: Enchantment Pow/Tgh: / Rules Text: Creatures in your graveyard have +1/+1. Flavour Text: In death, all stand as one. Set/Rarity: Misc Cards Rare

Might of The Mausoleum
Creatures in your graveyard have +1/+1.
In death, all stand as one.
Updated on 10 Jul 2019 by wurms

History: [-]

2019-07-06 11:02:43: wurms created the card Might of The Mausoleum

So, this is not useless, but still extremely limited in usefulness. This is gold multicolored and is more restricted in usefulness than e. g. Honor of the Pure.

Compare what Winding Constrictor adds to Varolz vs. what this does.

The same effect on a fairly efficient body or a larger boost similar to Earth Surge are options.

I could also see going with monocolored black unless you make the boost reeaally large.

Or {g/b}, even

I was going to suggest making this a 2/2 creature. Or bigger. It's a neat ability, but on an enchantment it will usually just equal card disadvantage.

Alternatively, make the pump +3/+3. I mean, if we're going to waste a card that does nothing on its own on a rare, it might as well come with some punch. Keeping in mind that white can just pump every creature on the board for two mana. Obviously this is much more restrictive, so there's no way it should have a more challenging cost than Honor of the Pure.

> Or {g/b}, even

Part of me always thinks of the EDH crowd as well - and this card strikes me as one that could be of interest there.

This could also have some etb effect on it as well - or just another effect in general. Making it some bear would prolly be the cleanest solution though yeah.

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