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missed your comment about not taking seriously, oopsies. I was too excited to see another Wurmset!

lmao these cards are actually quite good and enough so that I feel like i should take them seriously. If these cards were like the trash I made (now thats a real dump) i'd agree not to try to balance or whatever you wanna avoid here.

Btw you are absolutely the first person to ever do this ever



i missed that foreshadowing, i probs would've fanboyed for 3 messages

to avoid that this time, i suggest if you make an egg set for those eggs, that you use the Move To bar underneath them, its quite easy and intuitive, and better if you start while you have few.

Just in case you didnt know, no need to remake them or delete these. the comments will retain to if you use move.

Farewell Eggs, you are in a better place now.

you made this bittersweet ):

wth bruh

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