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I bet nobody has done this before! (Don't take these too seriously, I'm just dumping.)

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Creature – Eldrazi
Eater of Silence can't block
When Eater of Silence dies, you may put a card your opponent owns in exile into that players graveyard. If you do, return Eater of Silence to it's owner's hand
1 comment
2021-04-22 10:18:01 by Tahazzar
Create a 5/5 white Angel creature token with Flying and a 5/5 black Demon creature token with Flying. Then, destroy all Non-Angel, Non-Demon creatures.
last 2021-04-16 09:58:35 by Tahazzar
Legendary Enchantment – Saga
I – Return target card from your graveyard to your hand.
II – Gain 6 life.
III – Draw two cards.
IV – Destroy all lands.
last 2018-12-06 15:34:40 by Froggychum
Creature – Spirit
When Eternities Drifter dies, shuffle it into it's owners library and draw a card.
Upon it's death, life truly begun.
last 2018-11-03 20:40:05 by Vitenka
Tribal Sorcery – Frog
Each player sacrifices all non-frog permanents they control.
last 2021-04-15 23:35:19 by wurms

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On Eater of Silence:

Seems quite strong but not overwhelmingly so even if combined with exile removal and such - I kinda like it.

On Darkness and Divinity:

Reminds me a lot of this card on the subreddit.

Official comparison points could be Elemental Masterpiece, Broodmate Dragon, and Emeria's Call. Masterpiece is quite similar, a bit more complex, and is a common btw where as this is a mythic xD a drastic difference. I mean, I wouldn't put Masterpiece at common personally, but still, mythic's a bit much.

On All is Frog:

I considered that, but Polymorphist's Jest already exists.

On All is Frog:

I was expecting more all "All permanents loses all abilities and become blue Frog creatures with base power and toughness 1/1."

On All is Frog:

Love the name!

On All is Frog:
on 2021-04-14 02:22:39 by Visitor:


On All is Frog:

I had to make this... I don't know why... I just had to...

On Eye of Alrund:

I don't think you can properly look ahead and counter a spell based on what it's going to do. (Don't @ me with examples from the 90s that only work by fiat.) It's probably better to specifically prevent the listed events, e.g.

> the next time a spell or ability an opponent controls would cause that player to X, instead they don't and you draw a card.

On Eye of Alrund:

Countering a spell while it's resolving is supported within the rules, and happens occasionally, I think.

On Eye of Alrund:

Just a little weird detail, but why does this even have a casting cost?

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