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CardName: Peculiar Portent Cost: B Type: Sorcery Pow/Tgh: / Rules Text: Choose one: • Discard a card, then create a 3/2 black Horror creature token. • Sacrifice a creature. If you do, draw two cards. Entwine {R} (Choose both if you pay the entwine cost.) Flavour Text: Set/Rarity: Cards With No Home Common

Peculiar Portent
Choose one:
• Discard a card, then create a 3/2 black Horror creature token.
• Sacrifice a creature. If you do, draw two cards.
Entwine {r} (Choose both if you pay the entwine cost.)
Updated on 21 Aug 2020 by Link

History: [-]

2019-04-06 09:04:52: Alex created and commented on the card Peculiar Portent

Another in the Peculiar Distortion family! This time inspired by this comment on Maro's blog.

I think the costs here are correct, even if not very exciting: Drekavac + Skulltap = Tormenting Voice.

Ooh, I love these! I do think it would be likely to cost {1} more, but this style of card is always fun.

­Drekavac and Skulltap both cost {1}{b} and one of them is uncommon. The end cost seems alright, but the individual effects are too cheap at {b}.

I'd suggest {1} more as well.

Skulltap was really bad though. It really wants to be instant speed, and even Altar's Reap is not hugely exciting these days. I contend that Skulltap for 1 mana is fine at sorcery speed.

I think Drekavac/Hidden Horror are mainly uncommon because it's a bad idea for common creatures to carry inherent card disadvantage, but I will admit that the 3/2 is probably too aggressive on turn 1, yeah.

[edit] I'm an idiot. When I first posted a comment, I forgot this was entwine, and not a charm. So I made a comment about how not sacrificing a creature as part of the cost could get you in deep water if your opponent responded with a Shock. But, with entwine, you will always have a 3/2 creature to sacrifice. That may not be what you wanted to sacrifice, but it's better than accidentally throwing away a 6/6 demon.

The other point I made is relevant, but only a side thought. The first half of this spell has no drawback if you're already Hellbent. But I'd argue that's a good thing, since that always gives you something to sacrifice, thus preventing the Entwine from being the aforementioned disaster I was alluding to.

Though it is worth pointing out that this increases the power level. If I'm Hellbent and I entwine this card, the worst thing that happens is that I straight draw two cards. I could also be trading a Saporling up to a Horror in the exchange as well. Not bad for {b}{r}.[/edit]

It should also be noted that this is turn 1 Counsel of the Soratami since just as the token creation is not dependent on the discard, the card draw is not dependent on the sacrifice. This is extremely overpowered in a creatureless (or narly so) deck.

2019-04-09 12:44:01: Link edited Peculiar Portent

I like that Village Rites was printed, demonstrating the validity of (the second half of) my costing claim here. (Well, either that or power creep, but we know that doesn't happen, right? :3 )

Village Rites you only break even.

The first ability isn't attractive at all. I would instead go create token and lose 2 life.

Then entwined with {b} becomes Sign in Blood.

Personally disagree with Maro. Self discard should be black, meaning black player sacrifice their own sanity for power.

Exile+cast in red mean they hold temporary thoughts, and must capitalize now or lose it forever. Exactly red to live in the moment.

A 3/2 for {b} that costs an extra card would totally be worth it in aggro decks

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