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Cards that don't fit into our actual themed sets. Open to all: throw your random ideas in here, or come along for some random ideas for your set.

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At the beginning of each players upkeep, put a charge counter on Tangling Tendrils and that player taps an untapped permanent they control for each charge counter on Tangling Tendrils
At the beginning of your end step, if Tangling Tendrils is tapped, sacrifice it.
last 2021-08-01 05:32:12 by Izaac
Enchantment – Aura
Enchant Creature or Planeswalker
Enchanted permanent has Ward {4}.
When enchanted permanent's Ward cost is paid, return Teyo's Grasp to its owner's hand.
1 comment
2021-07-28 21:40:38 by SecretInfiltrator
Creature – God
During your upkeep you may pay {u} or sacrifice a creature. If you paid either cost, draw an additional card during your draw step this turn. If you didn't pay, skip your draw step.
last 2021-07-28 21:39:14 by SecretInfiltrator
Land Creature – Elemental
{t}: Add {b}
Waking Tumulus gets +1/+1 for each card in your graveyard.
1 comment
2021-07-18 08:00:05 by Vitenka
Legendary Artifact
When The Duplexion enters the battlefield, trigger an ability of another permanent you control.
{6}: Activate an ability of another permanent you control without paying its activation cost.
last 2021-03-18 11:08:53 by Goat Boy

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On Tangling Tendrils:

Or you play this with Voltaic Servant and you get to just have every player tapped down every turn for as long as you want.

But still, even in that case everyone makes land drops. One mana answers still work. I suppose if you played Ruin Crab turn one then this is a 3 card combo to win in turn 3 but there's lots to fight against it if it ever became meta.

On Tangling Tendrils:

Yeah but this doesn't seem as oppressive. It ticks up really fast. If you ran this in some cheerios style deck with a bunch of useless permanents like Doom Foretold does then you're still tasked with adding two new permanents to the board every turn. Both of which must become tapped and unusable (such as to attack or generate mana).

If the player played things on turns 1 and 2, then they will still have 4 mana on turn 2 and be able to keep all their mana if they make enough trinkets. Each time they fail to put two new things on board they lose a mana on that turn.

The opponent will, barring their own trinkets, quickly be swept into constantly being tapped down but they lose nothing for it. In that case the owner is slowly accumulating a board of permanents that are all being tapped while the opponent might not have the mana to do the same. So you'll hit turn 6 where the owner will give up on the artifact and pass completely tapped out, giving the opponent first pass at using all their mana.

On Tangling Tendrils:

So like a mix of Smokestack and Tangle Wire... bad memories.

On Teyo's Grasp:

Is this supposed to be a linked ability?

On River God:

God of a different river. River Gods are chill that way.

Actually worshipping only one means you get neither reward. So they are chill as long as you give your offerings to all of them.

On River God:

Humm, small gods. I like it.

And I like the upkeep-offerings too.

Although... it does seem a bit odd that you can Clone your river god, and get added blessings for doing more offerings. Rather than, you know, the existing river god flooding your village for the impudence.

On River God:

Concept is a local God only worshipped by a culture and not incorporated into a greater cosmological belief.

On Waking Tumulus:

Interesting idea, though I think -13 is probably too many.

On Gold Mine:

Gold isn't actually a subtype, so this wouldn't qualify. It would have to be Treasure Mine

On Gold Mine:

I like that one.

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