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This is a project I started on mtgsalvation with the aim of creating a large set as a community. Here is a link to the main page of the project: So far, we have voted on a plane (Kamigawa) and are submitting ideas for the set name. Feel free to get involved!

If you would like to submit an idea for the name and storyline of the set, you can post it on mtgsalvation in the thread, post it here in a comment, or click the link to the set's reddit thread and post it there. If you post it here or on reddit, I will put your suggestion into the mtgsalvation thread as well. Here is an example submission for name and story. Konda's Domain: Daimyo Takeshi Konda is the most powerful warlord on Kamigawa, and he has been aggressively expanding his territory from his capital, the Eiganjo Palace. Now he threatens to dominate all of Kamigawa, unless the non-human races of Kamigawa can stop him. Konda claims to have the Kami on his side, but some hold out hope that the divine spirits will rise up against the tyrant warlord.

I'm currently making a set right now:

Neo-Eiganjo - The Konda family rules Neo-Eiganjo, a city built upon the ruins of old Eiganjo Castle. Following a creed of Manifest Destiny, Towa Konda declares himself as the Daishogun and sets out to unite Kamigawa both politically and culturally. The set is a "white set" similar to how Innistrad is a "black set", focusing mainly on combat. Towa then proceeds to engineer a coup among the Soratami, lead in The Final Battle and culminating in Konda's Ascension as Emperor.

Rise of the Shogunate: Towa Konda united all of Kamigawa politically and sets out to assimilate all under his banner. On the way, he meets resisters, sycophants, zealots and under it all, the Elusive Hidden One, who evades Towa every step of the way. With massive propaganda and repression, Konda's reign seem secure. But The Hidden One has a secret agenda, something that will destroy the foundation upon which Towa so painfully built upon

[Third Set]

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