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Dominion needs cards too...

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On Army (reply):

This seems overly weak, but I'm not sure how to not accidentally make it too good.

+coin would be the obvious thing, +more actions would fit the theme, but break the 'only villages do that' thing.

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Creature – Fox
{t}: Look at the top three cards of your library.
Exile one, put one on to the bottom of your library, and place the other on the top.
last 2020-11-12 14:18:35 by Vitenka
+1 Card
+ {1}
Place a card from your discard pile on top of a Supply pile of your choice.
All cards cost {1} more to buy.
1 comment
2017-05-20 15:48:14 by Link
Draw 3 Cards
-1 Action (but no fewer than zero)
1 comment
2013-03-07 22:54:25 by Chris
+action, +buy, +card
You may not buy treasures this turn.

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On Sensei's Lookout:

It's a valid mtg card (as indeed should all the cards in this set be). But it's based on a dominion card (as indeed should all the cards in this set be). In this case - Lookout

On Sensei's Lookout:

Why did you move that here? Seems like a proper MTG card to me.

That line break seems accidental.

On Sensei's Lookout:
On Sensei's Lookout:

Flavor text: "Sensei, look out!"

On Sensei's Lookout:

Wasn't this one of my "Inspired by dominion-seaside" cards?

On Viaduct:

Like, this turn...?

On Dominate!:

I guess the idea of using multiverse for other games too didn't really take off - should I remove or make community owned?

On Counting House:

Name already taken

On Midas' Curse:

Muahahaha. I deleted the replies you refer to as well, now! :)

On Midas' Curse:

I deleted the spam/flame. Sorry. Not generally worth replying to anything excessively inflammatory/spammy because I may do that.

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