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My Future Sight by crimsonreaper

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As an additional cost to cast Divination by Entrails, sacrifice a creature.
Draw two cards.
last 2016-02-26 16:01:37 by Alex
Creature – Human Wizard
{2}{pr}: Visigia Bloodmage deals 1 damage to target creature or player. ({pr} can be paid by putting a -1/-1 counter on a creature you control.)
{t}: Add {1} to your mana pool. Spend this mana only to cast a Toy creature spell.
{1}, {t}: Put a 1/1 colorless Toy Soldier artifact creature token onto the battlefield.
{t}: Add {1} to your mana pool.
{t}: Put a +1/+1 counter on target Fungus, Plant, Saproling or Treefolk creature you control.
"Even Mother Nature needs a sanctuary."
Creature – Human
Deathwish {1}{b}{r} (You may cast this creature for its deathwish cost. If you do, it has haste. Sacrifice it at the beginning of the next end step.)
When Apocoleptic dies, it deals damage equal to its power to each creature and each player.

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On Divination by Entrails:

Well, there's also Vivisection. That was from the blue Phyrexians, though, and MBS/NPH were "every colour is bleeding black" sets (Leeching Bite, Vapor Snag etc). So the existence of this card suggests that this whole set is bleeding black. Is that intentional?

On Divination by Entrails:

I see no reason to colorshift this.

On Divination by Entrails:

This is a colourshift of Skulltap. And yes, Skulltap is pretty bad: it's strictly worse than both Scarscale Ritual and Altar's Reap.

On Divination by Entrails:

Seems weak compared to Scarscale Ritual.

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