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The planeswalker trap is under attack!

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Creature – Human Soldier
Whenever damage would be dealt to you, you may have that damage be dealt to Battlewise Enigma instead.
Madt selects the strongest of Ralixa to join him on his conquests. Sometimes they just aren’t strong enough.
Illus. firat solhan
last 2015-06-17 23:57:07 by jmgariepy
Creature – Human Soldier
Bladechild enters the battlefield with an artifact equipment token named Sword with “Equipped creature gets +1/+1.” and equip {2} attached to it.
“In order to thwart a plan, you need to have one yourself. I however so far have made do with this.”
Illus. Marat Ars
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2015-06-17 15:21:15 by Alex
Creature – Human Soldier
When Captivating Duelist enters the battlefield, you may attach an equipment you control to it.
As Senzu gathered followers, Madt prepared his troops for battle. What came after, showed that he was prepared for nothing.
Illus. Christian Quinot

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On Battlewise Enigma:

Would it make more sense for an uncommon to cap off the amount of damage that would be redirected to it? For example "The first 3 damage that would be dealt to you is instead dealt to ~." Or does that just make the card busted (with a single Parapet)?

On Battlewise Enigma:

I think this effect is normally rare: Palisade Giant, Empyrial Archangel. I guess it might be okay at uncommon on a creature with much lower toughness, like this has. I don't know whether it'd be confusing to newer players or not.

On Bladechild:

Nice! Similar to Flayer Husk but rather different flavour, and a little different in edge cases. Very cool artwork.

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