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Creature – Human Monk
Prevent all combat damage that would be dealt to and by Graceful Airbender.
Creature – Human Shaman
When Ritual Bloodbender enter the battlefield, gain control of target creature until Ritual Bloodbender leaves the battlefield.
Enchantment – Aura
Enchanted creature gets +2/+4 and can block an additional creature each combat.
Creature – Human Warrior
{t}: Tap target creature.
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Discussion of airbending mechanics
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On Righteous Bloodbender:

To me this card feels more like an airbender blowing people around that a bloodbender and white doesn't feel Blondbenderish. Bloodbending feels more UB that UR. Since blood bending is rare maybe just a make few rare cards that steal creatures (instant that temporary steal a creature without haste ; Mind control variant ; creature that taps to a steal a creature until end of turn.)

On Airbending:

Looks like you're aiming for value. Cards like Into the Roil and Giant Caterpillar. The bonus shouldn't be much, but it should be enough to push you just out of reach, even though pound for pound the individual cards you're playing look weaker.

The trick is to make the value deck play tempo, instead of control. Or at least tempo-control. That seems doable, though. As long as the value you spread around tends to hurt the opponent, you should be in good condition (think cards like Undermine or Coral Barrier.)

On Airbending:

Dmanage reflection would probably be a good choice for some finishing cards. Zaheer killed a guy by suffocation so perhaps something about stasis celling out bombs would also work. If you want to stick with smaller creatures for play I would try and just use Wu things that already exist and make them triggered upon damage. Something like "whenever this creature deals combat damage to a player destroy target artifact" in white

On Airbending:

There are plenty of W/u effects appropriate for airbending, I've already made some of them.

But I was thinking about, what's the overall experience I want to create? And that's a bit nebulous. But I think something like, resilient but non-confrontational: airbenders rarely attack head-on, they go round and past, and evade attacks. I'm not sure how to turn that into magic terms, but I think, a tempo-ish approach, but over a longer period.

Like, decks which aren't quick, but keeps chipping away at the opponent, and lets the opponent amass an overwhelming weight of potential attack which they never quite bring to bear.

That suggests, small aggressive creatures, but rather than doubling-down on early damage, have evasive creatures, and creatures which can tap opponents creatures, and even give temporary answers to opponents bombs. And ways to keep in the game and keep sneaking damage through: creatures that return to your hand instead of dying, small dollops of life-gain or damage prevention, attacks that work once or twice even against a large opposing board.

The feel I'm going for is, the opponent crying "I had her on the ropes the whole game, I had out three legends and plansewalkers and I was sure I was going to win, but she just kept putting me off and eventually whittled me down to zero." Like, the opponent should be ahead on cards and be able to play big threats, but you should keep eking out a tempo advantage even as the game goes long.

Now I need to see if I can translate that into card designs.

On Komodo Rhino:

Oh god, all the simic creature types.

With a higher toughness I feel green more than red, but for color of the creature I don't think it matters. Depending on how you do this it could just be hybrid.

On Komodo Rhino:

Or green?

On Flamewall Bender:

I don't know why red gets walls, but apparently it does. Here's a variant maybe appropriate to firebending, though a little more complicated.

On Charging Firebender:

I wanted more variants on firebending, including this blend between intimidate and Ashmouth Hound

On Righteous Bloodbender:

I wanted some bloodbender cards, but couldn't decide what colours. U for "gain control" and waterbending being blue? But it feels more black. This effect is W, and I put waterbending in U/w. But can bloodbending be white?

On Fire Duel:

Doh! Because I meant to use fight but just randomly forgot to use the keyword. Oops, thanks :)

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