Acilper's Jellyfish set

Acilper's Jellyfish set by Acilper

9 cards in Multiverse

8 with no rarity, 1 mythic

2 white, 2 blue, 2 black, 2 multicolour, 1 artifact

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Potentially a Jellyfish vs X deck, but currently just Jellyfish tribal cards.

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Tribal Sorcery – Jellyfish
Target player discards one card at random.
Creature – Jellyfish Mutant
{b}: Regenerate Fouled Experiment.
A legendarily poor experiment during Archibod's younger days that, for some reason, won't die...
Creature – Jellyfish
A leader chosen purely by the position it sits in the current.
Artifact Creature – Jellyfish
Clockwork Jellyfish enters the battlefield with two +1/+1 counters on it.
Whenever Clockwork Jellyfish attacks or blocks, remove a +1/+1 counter from it at end of combat.
Planeswalker – Archibod
+1 Put a +1/+1 counter on target Jellyfish creature you control.
-2 Search your library for a Jellyfish card and put it in your hand. Shuffle your library.
-5 Put three 3/3 colorless Jellyfish artifact creature token into play.

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On Archibod's Research:

Not really sure how to cost a tribal tutor-like card like this.

On Bleak Ocean Jelly:

I wanted it to be something defensive that had to purposely be made able to do damage, but I agree now that it wasn't the best way to go about it. So I made it have defender instead of just 0 power and made other changes as well.

On Bleak Ocean Jelly:

I mean, you can have deathtouch 1/3s way easier than this, so... why?

On Iordic the Many Armed:

Hmm, without that way to power itself, it's just an X/3 for 3. And X is usually gonna be low; capping out at 5 if you try really hard.

Which.. I guess is actually pretty punchy for blue.

On Iordic the Many Armed:

Do you think it would be better costed if it did not have the draw ability. I'm mostly asking because I don't think I want to keep it in. I'm not even sure if I want to keep this card really...

On Iordic the Many Armed:

Wow. That's quite a bit better than Archivist, and cheaper too.

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