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Enchantment – Aura
Enchant Rider creature
Cast Gedwey Ignasia only if you control a Dragon creature.
When Gedwëy Ignasia enters the battlefield, if enchanted creature's toughness is 2 or less, destroy that creature. Otherwise, put a bond counter on it.
As long as enchanted creature has a bond counter on it, it gets +5/+5 and has flying, hexproof, and “Whenever this creature attacks, scry 1.”
last 2015-06-08 23:07:30 by Samuel
Human creatures you control get +1/+1 and have first strike.
{w}{w}: Put a 1/1 white Human creature token onto the battlefield. Activate this ability only once each turn and only if a creature is attacking you.
Destroy target creature with flying.
As endless arrows pierced its wing, the dragon fell with a bellow that was destined to be its last.
Creature – Human Townsfolk
Many in Carvahall till the land, an honest profession that keeps the town well fed during the winter months.
Creature – Horse
The greatest horses have within them some remnant of the spirit of Gildintor, the greatest steed of legend.

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On Gedwëy Ignasia:

The Gedwey Ignasia is a magical symbol of some sort that is branded into one's hand the first time he or she touches a dragon. This enables a telepathic bond with the dragon, but causes some pain initially, however, it's not really red. It's definitely not black, and possibly could be white, but really, the main flavor is a mysterious magical symbol whose exact properties are unknown that binds a Dragon and a Rider.

On Gedwëy Ignasia:

Form of the Dragon is an interesting example. That's always justified as "Moat isn't red. But 'I turn into a dragon' is very very red. And ground creatures can't attack dragons." However, it's very much the exception. Most cards should be colour-pie-appropriate. "I turn into a dragon" is one where they decided the flavour was so much better in mono-red than in red-X that it was worth the colour pie break.

So: I don't know the Eragon series. What does "Gedwëy Ignasia" mean? What does it do? And crucially, what alignment with Magic's colours does it have? Could it be blue-black, or blue-red, or red, or white-red? If not, then what about it is so utterly, inescapably blue, far more so than any other colour, that it justifies one of these very rare, very controversial, major breaks of the colour pie?

Explain to us what this card is about, and whether it could be gold; and if not then what makes it so very, very blue.

On Gedwëy Ignasia:

It's necessary for the flavor. Magic has made some huge bleeds, like Form of the Dragon, Beast Within, and Chaos Warp.

On Gedwëy Ignasia:

So you're justifying the color break by calling it a bleed?

On Gedwëy Ignasia:

It's a color bleed, the wording worked before, I edited it but you're right it doesn't work now.

On Gedwëy Ignasia:
  1. Destroying creatures isn't in blue's slice of the pie.
  2. The creature will almost certainly have greater than 2 toughness when it's trigger occurs, since the Aura itself gives +5 to toughness.
On Inspiration Bolt:

Target player what two cards? :)

On Cloudflight Kestrel:

Seems rather worse than Skyshroud Falcon. And Courier Hawk. And Hovermyr and Zephyr Falcon and Bay Falcon. (Blue used to have a lot of small vigilant creatures, before Wizards realised that was making it indistinguishable from white.)

A changed-name reprint of Courier Hawk might make more sense here.

On Hulking Thug:

Oh cool, this is another P/T combination which hasn't been done? It's a bit swingy but seems appropriate :)

On Eragon:

I don't think there are many artists on this site. Searching up fanart of a given property often works quite well, though. Browsing sites like deviantart and similar can generally supply a lot of a set's custom art needs.

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