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You have a bunch of mori-related card names in red, but not a single red Mori (as far as I can tell). Why would white and blue creatures make red effects?

I like the idea of premonition, but what happens when your library is shuffled? With the revealed cards, opponents are going to worry you'll not shuffle fairly. Also, the "as it reaches the top" wording is going to sound ambiguous to lots of players.

Yeah, I was thinking that. I guess, it's like DFC, it works fairly well if you have sleeves, and if not, you'd have to use a proxy of some sort (which would be a big pain and also, a big risk of forgetting to remove it before the next game).

It should probably be written "When you draw it, you may cast it without paying its mana cost" which has the problems of "miracle" if it's allowed in any draw, not only your draw step, that people will forget to reveal the card before they put it in their hand. Alternatively, it could change to say draw step ony.

Both are probably not quite acceptable to a real wizards set, but would probably be ok in a casual set if it's mostly played by fairly experienced players.

I don't see what sleeves have to do with it. To me the issue isn't mechanical, but with player trust. You'd have to shuffle with your eyes closed to be fair.

I was thinking the cast condition might be better as "When ~ becomes the top card of your library."

Ah! Sorry, I assumed you'd have to turn the card face up while leaving the sleeve face down (so the card is facedown in the sleeve). That would mean you have no greater chance to see it that any other card until you actually draw it. I assumed that, because it wouldn't have those problems.

But now you say it, that's probably not what Doombringer intended, since having it visibly face up fits with drawing it much better.

I like the idea, but link's right, I don't know if it's possible to do without these problems. Maybe, turn it face up but leave it sticking out, and you have to turn it face down if you shuffle? That would fit the flavour better anyway. But it would still be a bit fiddly.

Link: Good point. "When it becomes the top card" might be better

Ah! Sorry for speculating on what you've already considered. Glad to see we all came to similar conclusions.

Check the FAQ in the discussion thread if your interested in the details. Also note that "When it becomes the top card" is a tiny bit more grokkable but "when" has rules implications of being a trigger in mtg rules. This isn't possible as this needs to be a replacement effect to work with card draw.

"As it reaches the top" and "as [it] is on top of your library" are both vague, the first in normal English, the second in terms of timing. Perhaps "As it becomes the top card?"

I feel like that reminder about shuffling should appear on the actual cards with Premonition. It's not necessarily intuitive.

I find it odd/funny that white cards have no mention of First strike. I also add to the sentiment of "Where are the Mori in Red?" Elemental tokens dont seem like enough.

Hi everyone I've made a bunch of changes to the commons which you can find on the Commons Visual Spoiler.

However I'm looking for feedback on the top and bottom 3 commons for each color in regards to limited.

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