Phyrexian Descent 1

Phyrexian Descent 1 by Vonmarcus

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The Phyrexians rule over everything in Mirridon now..... except themselves. With no clear leader to unite them the leaders of each faction now fight each other.

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Land – Locus
Cloudpost enters the battlefield tapped.
{t}: Add {1} to your mana pool for each Locus on the battlefield.
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2016-07-12 17:54:24 by Angle
Current mechanics:
Phyrexian mana, Imprint, Infect
Looking for one more mechanic.
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2014-04-01 02:23:52 by Vonmarcus
{t}: Add {1} to your mana pool.
{2}, {t}: {t} target noncreature artifact.
Artifact Creature – Myr
{t}: Add {u} to your mana pool.
Artifact Creature – Myr
{t}: Add {b} to your mana pool.

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On Cloudpost*:

Should have the locus subtype.

On Phyrexian Descent 1:

I've been working on the backstory for this block whilst juggling being a new parent.

So far While Elesh is the current leader of the Phyrexians I am running with the other four still being alive. As the last of the Mirran resistance crushed and the Phyrexians are left to develop their new plane, I plan on advancing their forces.

The end goal of this block is to have a Phyrexian leader/walker that can lead them to invade other planes.

I am currently though feeling very overwhelmed about how much of my skeleton is empty.

How much of this set do people think should be reprints? And does anyone have any suggestions for the reprint list?

On Phyrexian Descent 1:

Ok thank you from the info. I'll keep Elsh in charge maybe she'll get a new card. I'll only reference the other Praetors.

Koth on the other hand I want to survive at least long enough to become {b}{r} though I'll have to tweak the walker I made for him later in the block.

On Phyrexian Descent 1:

The information about the praetors is easily found on the MtG Salvation wiki.

On Phyrexian Descent 1:

Ok that's good to know. I've not been able to keep up with the story too much just in bits and pieces. Also I'm ok with tweaking how things ended in the last Mirrodin block.

If you can find and link and bits about the story I'd love to take a look.

But for now consider this as a divergent timeline if you will.

On Phyrexian Descent 1:

Though I don't think the details have been made common knowledge, I we do know that Elesh Norn has defeated both Urabrask and Sheoldred and that she's currently the dominant Praetor of New Phyrexia. We don't know if Urabrask and Sheoldred are alive or dead, however.
There was an Uncharted Realms article that left me believing that Koth is dead, but I don't know if I can find it easily or not.
Just some fruit for thought while you're building the story here.

On Mechanic Discussion.:

As I have stated else where I am very bad with designing new mechanics. So any mechanics that people think will fit I'll more than open to ideas.

On Phyrexian Descent 1:

Here's the built-in place for set-wide discussion if you want it :) Though it's okay to use a card if you prefer for some reason.

On Card30877:

Yes the focus is the facet of black that does anything to win. I thought about making this an instant but was not sure that black should get that fast of an answer to things on the field.

On Card30877:

Making a player sacrifice a creature can be cheap at common, even these days: see Devour Flesh.

As for that last paragraph, all I have to say is black will do anything to win.

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